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Student Offer

At IEEE-USA, we know you have lots of questions about life after school, especially your career.
IEEE-USA stands ready to help...

Vol. 1: The Transition
from School to Work
Vol. 2: What Are
You Worth?
Vol. 3: On Resumes: Traditional &  Otherwise

Three Free e-Books: Engineers’ Guide to Lifelong Employability
To help at this critical juncture in your life, IEEE-USA is offering you three free e-Books from its Engineers' Guide to Lifelong Employability series, developed by the IEEE-USA Employment & Career Services Committee to help you begin building the career you want. Download now (you will be asked to provide your email and student number).

Five Free Uses of the New IEEE-USA Salary Calculator*
We want to help you figure out what salary range you should expect in your first job. We have heard from IEEE student members that this would be incredibly valuable to them. We listened to you and we are providing you with five free uses of the IEEE-USA Salary Calculator.

Get started now with your IEEE log-in

*Offer ends 28 November 2014

Updated:  06 October 2014
Contact: Scott Grayson,


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