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Career Planning Guide for IEEE Members

What do you want from your work and your career?

  • Fun and fulfillment?
  • Security/financial peace of mind?
  • Challenges and growth?
  • Opportunities to make a difference; the knowledge that what you do matters?
  • Opportunities to use your talents to do what you do best?
  • Great working relationships?
  • Appreciation and recognition?
  • Freedom to call your own shots/work independently?
  • Balance?
  • Impact in the organization?
  • Influence over important decision?


Whatever your career goals and interests are, this new online planning tool can help you achieve greater satisfaction and make a greater impact at work. Because your career values and goals are unique, you are the only person qualified to determine the course of action that will best suit your interests. IEEE-USA's new Career Planning Guide for IEEE Members will help you identify and tailor solutions to your unique needs, goals and work situation.

IEEE members, download the Career Planning Guide now and get started building sustainable vitality into your career. 

IEEE-USA's Career Planning Guide for IEEE Members
Download here: 126 KB pdf




Updated:  18 May 2010
Contact: Scott Grayson,


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