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Career Resources & Publications

IEEE-USA has the goal of developing and discovering, publicizing and presenting career development activities and organizational practices and policies that will assist engineers, engineering managers and their employers. The Employment & Career Services Committee has responsibility for these activities, and works in cooperation with several other IEEE-USA Committees and other IEEE entities such as the IEEE Educational Activities Board.

IEEE-USA Salary Service
IEEE-USA has opened its Salary Survey to all members who wish to submit their salary information. All members who complete the online survey will receive a free membership in the IEEE-USA Salary Service.  Be sure to check this page for details on the Salary Survey and Salary Service.
The Beyond Job Satisfaction Fieldbook
Learn how to set your career goals, what steps to take to accomplish them, and how to set yourself up for success. Tools and templates for maximizing your career vitality.
Career Planning Guide for IEEE Members
Whatever your career goals and interests are, this new online planning tool can help you achieve greater satisfaction and make a greater impact at work. (PDF format)
2002 IEEE-USA Employment Survey
IEEE-USA announces the release of its 2002 Employment Survey. IEEE-USA conducted the same survey in 1995, 1996 and 1998 its continuing efforts to assist U.S. IEEE members during periods of high unemployment... more
IEEE-USA Today’s Engineer
IEEE-USA Today's Engineer is a monthly webzine devoted to the issues affecting U.S. IEEE members' careers, such as professionalism, management skills, engineering performance, engineering skills and competencies, product development practices, project management issues, innovation and entrepreneurship, business practices.
An Analysis of Unemployment Trends Among U.S. IEEE Members
by Dr. Laura Langbein ( 1998 survey)  (PDF format)
Career Advice for Engineers in the 1990s
Papers selected from several IEEE-USA Careers Conferences to bolster your career.
The Balanced Engineer: Essential Ideas for Career Development
Professional Activities Conference Record helps polish your professional skills.
Engineering Careers into the 21st Century: Maximizing Individual and Organizational Growth
IEEE-USA Careers Conference Record offers insights and strategies for engineers to plan their careers.
IEEE-USA Guidelines for Professional Employment
Recommendations for employers and engineers for organizational and personal excellence.
Engineer’s Guide to Lifelong Employability
A practical resource book on finding and getting jobs throughout your career.
Professional Career Time Line: Six Phases of Professional Development
Developed by the AIAA Career Enhancement Committee and made available for use by IEEE-USA, this document provides a checklist of helpful actions for assuring greater success during every phase of your career.
Search for Career and Professional Development titles from the IEEE online catalog and store.



Updated:  29 September 2011
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