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Engineering the Art of Negotiation
08 September 2008
Tired of hidden agendas, dealing with difficult people, or politics derailing projects? Learn a process-driven approach to negotiation and persuasion that you can use to keep projects on track and keep difficult people in check. This webinar will share proven tools and methodologies for:
  • Front-end needs analysis on projects to get buy-in and neutralize hidden agendas
  • Brainstorming options to solve problems and resolve differences
  • Handling difficult people and situations without personal conflict

About the Presenter

John Shulman is a Harvard Law graduate and internationally recognized negotiation experts who has trained and worked with thousands of business people, engineers and project managers on negotiation challenges faced by large organizations. As president of the training and consulting firm, Alignor (, Shulman has performed public interest work for the Government of India; the U.S. State Department; and on Middle East peace issues; and the U.N. War Crimes Tribunal for Rwanda.

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[22 pages; 778 KB PDF; August 2008]

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