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Cyber Security for Small Businesses and Consultants
Date: 30 March  | 2-3 PM EDT  
Kayne McGladrey

Do you feel like you are overwhelmed trying to run your business while defending against the latest cyber threats? Join Kayne McGladrey, speaker, author and Director of Information Security Services for Integral Partners for our upcoming presentation on taking a proactive, risk-oriented approach to cyber security for individual consultants and small businesses.
Trademark: The Keys to Commercialization
Date: 13 April  | 2-3 PM EDT  
Scott Baldwin, USPTO

This webinar will cover differences between trademarks, patents, domain names, and business name registrations. It will also explain the importance of selecting a strong trademark -- that is, one that is both federally registrable and legally protectable. Mr. Baldwin will highlight factors important when choosing a mark, such as the possibility of a likelihood of confusion, and explain the importance of doing a complete search -- and whether or not to use an attorney. Finally, this presentation establishes what may happen if another trademark owner believes it has stronger rights in a mark and issues a "cease-and-desist" letter. It concludes with tips on how to avoid "scams" perpetrated by companies that request fees for services not required by the USPTO.
Claim Drafting for Beginners
Date: 8 June  | 2-3 PM EDT  
Darnell Jayne, USPTO

This in an introductory presentation providing an overview of the contents of a nonprovisional utility patent application and drafting a patent application. This presentation does not cover specific requirements for filing or procedures for responding to Office actions.

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