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New Faces of Engineering 2017

A Recognition Program for Engineers Week 2017

Nominations are open to become the 2017 IEEE/IEEE-USA New Faces of Engineering. The program offers recognition to one college student and one young professional. It is open to IEEE members worldwide. IEEE-USA has participated since the program began in 2003.

Online applications are due by 18 November 2016.

New Faces of Engineering is a program of DiscoverE ( and its partners. The 2017 winners will be announced 5 April 2017.

College Edition

This program is designed to highlight students whose vision, innovation and leadership skills have them poised for a successful engineering career. It is open to third-, fourth- and fifth-year IEEE student members enrolled in a bachelor of science engineering program at an ABET-accredited college or equivalent international institution.

Applicants must have a minimum grade-point average of 3.0. Self-nominations are permitted. The IEEE/IEEE-USA winner will:

* Receive a $500 scholarship

* Be featured in an ad in his or her college newspaper

* Be recognized on the DiscoverE Website & College Edition Facebook page (

Brooke Neufeld was the 2016 IEEE/IEEE-USA honoree:

For additional information and to apply, see

Professional Edition

This division is for IEEE members 30 or younger with outstanding career, educational and volunteer accomplishments. Nominees must have a degree in engineering or computer engineering from a recognized U.S. college or equivalent international educational institution.

Judges will evaluate nominees based on their educational attainment, engineering achievements and participation and accomplishments in professional and technical society activities. Particular consideration is given to work (e.g. volunteering, publishing, conference presentations) in IEEE technical societies.

The IEEE/IEEE-USA winner will be featured in localand national media outlets and on the DiscoverE Website with a photo and brief statement of his or her accomplishments. NewFaces are also designated as “Engineering Ambassadors” and may be asked to participate in a varietyof outreach or community-building events.

Dr. Rose Faghih was the 2016 IEEE/IEEE-USA honoree:

For more information and to nominate someone, see

Updated: 26 October 2016