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IEEE-USA In Action

[Posted: 24 April 2008]

Call For Nominations: IEEE-USA

The IEEE-USA Nominations and Appointments (N&A) Committee asks for your help in identifying U.S. IEEE members who may be interested in, and well-qualified for, service on IEEE-USA committees and/or in the following IEEE-USA board position: IEEE-USA President-Elect (2010); IEEE-USA Member-At-Large (2010-2011); IEEE-USA Secretary/Treasurer (2009); IEEE-USA Vice President - Career & Member Services (2009); IEEE-USA Vice President – Communications and Public Awareness; IEEE-USA Vice President - Professional Activities (2009); and IEEE-USA Vice President – Government Relations (2009).

The board positions are for leaders who direct IEEE-USA’s day-to-day operations, provide leadership for our volunteer committees, oversee financial performance and promote new activities. Nominees for these board positions must be senior or higher-grade members from IEEE Regions 1-6.

We also ask that you submit names for consideration to serve on the IEEE-USA N&A Committee (2009-10). Eligible nominees include former IEEE-USA vice presidents, IEEE-USA secretary-treasurers, U.S. region directors who have completed their terms or who are serving in their second year of that term, or members who have had experience as an IEEE-USA committee chair.

Those of you in IEEE leadership positions are in an outstanding position to identify members who are interested in improving IEEE-USA for the future, have strong leadership skills and have exhibited a willingness to invest the time required. We greatly appreciate your help in identifying and nominating them.

To nominate candidates please visit our online nominations page at: or fill out the form below and return it to Helen Hall by 30 May 2008, so that your nomination can be considered in 2008 for the positions listed above.

Gerry Alphonse, Chair
2008 IEEE-USA Nominations & Appointments Committee

Helen Hall
2001 L Street N.W., Suite 700, Washington, DC 20036-5104, USA
+ 1 202 530-8354

Last Update:  29 September 2011


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