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IEEE-USA In Action

[Posted: 04 September 2007]

IEEE-USA Today's Engineer Digest Wins
2007 Apex Award of Publication Excellence

WASHINGTON (04 September 2007) IEEE-USA Today's Engineer Digest has been awarded a 2007 Apex Award of Publication Excellence in the Magapapers & Newspapers Print Category. APEX ( recognizes excellence in publications work by professional communicators. With close to 5,000 entries in 11 major categories, only 10 publications received Awards of Excellence in this category.

The award specifically recognizes the December 2006 issue of TE Digest (pictured at right), whose content included a front page feature on "Forensic Engineering: On the Trail of the Truth," by Robin Peress and the backpage feature on "Math, What Good Is It?" by Donald Christiansen. Readers may remember the cover which featured a dramatic photo of debris from a plane crash.

Congratulations to Georgia Stelluto, Sharon Richardson and the rest of IEEE-USA's communications teams and authors.


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