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IEEE-USA In the News

Media Relations Contact
Chris McManes
Senior Public Relations Coordinator

+1 202 785 0017 ext. 8356

Director, IEEE-USA Communications & Public Relations
Pender M. McCarter, APR, PRSA Fellow, MIPRA
+1 202 785 0017 ext. 8353

Appended below is a listing of references to IEEE-USA in various media publications. In some cases, the text of the article has been reprinted. Note: Due to the time-sensitive nature of the Internet, some of the links may have expired.

2003 Listings
4th Quarter
U.S. gov't report: IT industry growing again
By Grant Gross
IDG News Service
17 Dec. 2003
U.S. grapples with offshoring
By Marc Ferranti and Grant Gross
IDG News Service
19 Dec. 2003
FCC investigates smart radios
By Joab Jackson
Government Computer News
19 December 2003
IBM may move jobs at Boulder
By Jennifer Alsever Beauprez
The Denver Post
16 December 2003
Debate over foreign workers looms again
By William Glanz
The Washington Times
16 December 2003
'Exporting' High-tech Jobs
By Ilana Mercer
12 December 2003
The Rise of India
By Manjeet Kripalani and Pete Engardio
With Steve Hamm in New York
BusinessWeek Online
08 December 2003
India, US can become ideal trade partners
The Financial Express
30 November 2003
U.S. tech services giants shift offshore
By David Zielenziger
Reuters News Service
26 November 2003
U.S. state weighs response to high-tech outsourcing
Reuters News Service
26 November 2003
Experts Debating Future of IT Careers
By Victor Godinez
Dallas Morning News
26 November 2003
Techies in Texas eye research backing from Washington
By Maureen Sirhal
National Journal's Technology Daily
20 October 2003
Congress looks for ways to slow offshore hiring
By Grant Gross, IDG News Service
20 October 2003
Broadband Users Boost Economy As They Purchase Gear, Services
By Mike Angell
20 October 2003
H-1B visa cap may not mean more local jobs
BY Radhika Kaushik
Silicon Valley Biz Ink
17 October 2003
U.S. unemployment rate for EEs up in third quarter
EE Times
14 October 2003
Offshoring stirs prejudices
By Rhonda Ascierto
Silicon Valley Biz Ink
10 October 2003
Tough Tactics for a Tough Market
By Victor Godinez
The Dallas Morning News
07 October 2003
U.S. Visa Cap for IT Cut
06 October 2003
Data Management Problems Thwart GAO Effort to Count H-1Bs
By Patrick Thibodeau
03 October 2003
Legislators seek better tracking of tech visas
By Chris Gaither
The Boston Globe
03 October 2003
Program Had Provided Tech Companies With Labor During Boom
By Bruce V. Bigelow
The San Diego Union-Tribune
02 October 2003
H-1B Cap Deadline Passes, But Debate Not Over
By Grant Groass
IDG News Service
02 October 2003
H-1B Cap No Big Issue for IT Firms
By Abhay Vaidya
The Economic Time (IndiaTimes)
01 October 2003
Congress cuts visas for skilled foreign workers
By Carolyn Lochhead
San Francisco Chronicle
01 October 2003
The China Syndrome
By Abe De Ramos
CFO Magazine
01 October 2003
H-1B Visa Cap Falls to 65,000
By Lisa Vaas
01 October 2003

3rd Quarter

Congress Allows H-1B Limit to Drop
By D. David Beckman
WashTech News
30 September 2003

Congress lowers visa cap for foreign tech workers
By Ted Sickinger
The Oregonian
29 September 2003
H-1B visa cap to be revisited
By Kent Hoover
29 September 2003
Tech's Use of H-1B Visas Falls 75% in '02
By Margaret Steen
The Mercury News
18 September 2003
Congress Reviews Foreign Worker Visa Programs
By Caron Carlson
17 September 2003
Hatch Says Foreigners Didn't Take U.S. Jobs
By Lee Davidson
Deseret Morning News
17 September 2003
Pairing a Foreign Guest List
By Ellen McCarthy
Washington Post
17 September 2003
Chambliss Bill Targets Visa Loophole
By Julia Malone
Atlanta Constitution
17 September 2003
Unresolved H-1B Issue Tempers Modest Economy
By Ron Schneiderman
Electronic Design Magazine
15 September 2003
As More Jobs Move Overseas, Engineers Wonder What's Next
Engineering Times
August/September 2003
Foreign Worker Visas Waning
By Julia Malone
Washington Bureau, Cox News Service
The Rocky Mountain News
2 September 2003

Hi-tech visa limit to expire
By Julia Malone
Washington Bureau, Cox News Service
Arizona Business Gazette
2 September 2003
Backlash: Offshore Outsourcing The Politics
By Chris Koch
CIO Magazine
1 September 2003
The Visa War
By Chris Koch
CIO Magazine
1 September 2003
Foreign Worker Visas Waning
By Julia Malone
Washington Bureau, Cox News Service
Austin American-Statesman
30 August 2003
Specter of Unemployment Hangs Over EEs
By Bob Bellinger
EE Times
28 August 2003
Outsourcing Causes Jitters: Is My Job Next?
By Bob Bellinger
EE Times
27 August 2003
Guest Opinion: Can you compete with an $800-a-month engineer?
By Paul J. Kostek
Puget Sound Business Journal
August 2003
We've got to use our brains more than our brawn
By David Crane
Toronto Star
23 August 2003
Offshore IT Weakens U.S.
By Paul Kostek
18 August 2003
Getting Unplugged Sheds Light On What Is Wired These Days
By Susan Warren and Melanie Trottman
The Wall Street Journal
18 August 2003
Outage a 'wake-up' call for system modernization
By William Glanz
The Washington Times
16 August 2003
Foreigners filling U.S. Tech Jobs
By Rachel Konrad
The Associated Press
Cincinnati Enquirer
11 August 2003
More Companies Are Exporting Computer Jobs
By Virgil Larson
Omaha World-Herald
11 August 2003
Jobs Go Global
By Laura Fording
Newsweek Web Exclusive
03 August 2003
After H-1B, Now L-1 Visas Draw Flak in U.S.
By Vasantha Arora
29 July 2003
Companies Abusing Visa Program, Replacing U.S. Workers, Critics Say
By Victor Godinez
The Oregonian
28 July 2003
Outsourcing Row Gets Hotter, Wider
By Yatish Rajawat
The Economic Times
28 July 2003
Outsourcing Services Put Chip Designers on Edge
By Ed McNamara
EE Times
25 July 2003
Visas and Outsourcing
By Richard G. Weingardt, P.E.
Structural Engineer Magazine
July 2003 issue
Free Trade Costs Thousands of Jobs
By Thomas Roeser
Chicago Sun-Times
19 July 2003
Are strike-it-rich stock options facing extinction?
By Lisa Bowman
14 July 2003
NASA Checks Mars Math
By A.J. Hostetler
Richmond Times-Dispatch
11 July 2003
NASA Hasn't Gone Metric
By A.J. Hostetler
Richmond Times-Dispatch
05 July 2003
Displacing Americans
By Ilana Mercer
02 July 2003

2nd Quarter

Congress upset as white-collar work exits U.S.
By Kent Hoover
American City Business Journals (bizjournals)
30 June 2003
'Good' Jobs Can Fall to New Economy
By Jeffrey Sparshott
The Washington Times
20 June 2003
Controversy surrounds employees on L-1 visas
By Victor Godinez
The Dallas Morning News
18 June 2003
Skilled Workers or Indentured Servants? As jobs dry up, abuse of power over visas is on the rise
By Brian Grow
Business Week
10 June 2003
Techies see jobs go overseas
Opposition to offshore outsourcing beginning to grow

by Carrie Kirby
San Francisco Chronicle
2 June 2003
Visa's Use Provokes Opposition by Techies, L-1 Regarded as Threat to Workers
by Carrie Kirby
San Francisco Chronicle
25 May 2003
Exporting America (CNN transcript)
Lou Dobbs Moneyline
22 May 2003, 6 p.m. and 11:30 p.m., 26 May 2003

CNN's Lou Dobbs Moneyline recently featured an interview with IEEE-USA Research & Development Policy Committee Chair Ron Hira, in which he discussed H-1B, L-1 and offshore outsourcing issues. (Read the transcript)

H-1B Visas Cost American Jobs
by Phyllis Schlafly
The Washington Times
10 May 2003
Finding the Perfect Fit
by Erica Vonderheid
The Institute
07 May 2003
High-tech Hardships
by Sanford Nowlin
KENS 5 and San Antonio Express-News
04 May 2003
Visa Numbers Could Lose Global Appeal
Natashia Gregoire News
03 May 2003
IT Unemployment on the Rise
by Lisa Vaas
29 April 2003
A Snug Fit, But for How Long?
by Krishnan Thiagarajan
The Hindu Business Line
16 April 2003
H-1B Debate Flares as EE Jobless Rate Hits 7%
by Margaret Quan
14 April 2003
1st Quarter
Closer Look: Foreign Workers Caught in Security Net
by Jack Robertson
31 March 2003
IEEE-USA Presses Congress on Visa Curbs
by Margaret Quan
26 March 2003
Grass Looks Greener, But Welcome Cools
by David R. Francis
The Christian Science Monitor
20 March 2003
Former IEEE-USA President Joins H-1B Protest
by Margaret Quan
EE Times
13 February 2003
IEEE Wants Congress to Re-Examine DMCA
Posted on 11 February 2003
H-1B Visas Questioned
Tampa Bay Business Journal
10 February 2003
Hiring Hubbub
By Maria M. Perotin
Ft. Worth Star-Telegram
10 February 2003
IEEE-USA asks for rollback of H-1B visa quotas
By Margaret Quan
EE Times
9 February 2003

New IEEE-USA chief steps into the breach
By Margaret Quan
EE Times
29 January 2003

H-1B Visa Awards Drop in 2002
By Patrick Thibodeau
28 January 2003
Boeing Technical Fellow Becomes IEEE-USA President
By April C. Murelio
Live Power News
15 January 2003


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