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Media Relations Contacts
Chris McManes
IEEE-USA Senior PR Coordinator

+1 202 785 0017 ext. 8356
Pender M. McCarter, APR, Fellow PRSA
IEEE-USA Senior Public Relations Consultant

+1 202 785 0017 ext. 8353

Appended below is a listing of references to IEEE-USA in various media publications. In some cases, the text of the article has been reprinted. Note: Due to the nature of the Internet, some of the links may have expired or require a password.

2008 Listings

4th Quarter

Life after Layoffs: How to Move Forward After a Job Loss
Electronic Business
18 December 2008
Chu at DOE Chief Greeted Favorably
Design News
11 December 2008
IEEE, Via to Consider Patent Pools for Standards
8 December 2008
Energy Independence Impossible, Southern Co. CEO Says
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
17 November 2008

3rd Quarter

Group Plans Science and Tech Policy Event
EE Times
30 September 2008

2nd Quarter

High-Tech Will Relieve Energy Crisis -- Some Day
EE Times
10 June 2008
Consutling Firm Settles H-1B Discrimination Case
EE Times
2 May 2008
Crashes That Save Lives
Ivanhoe Newswire
May 2008
New Take on Tag-Team Tactics
Las Vegas Review-Journal
18 April 2008
Administration Softens Position on Patent Reform
EE Times
4 April 2008
Is Patent Reform Fight Almost Over?
1 April 2008

1st Quarter

Bill Gates Urges More Visas for Tech Workers
USA Today
12 March 2008
Time to Reform H-1B
Washington Technology
4 March 2008
Tech Off IEEE-USA: Focus on Innovation, Education in '08
Control Engineering
1 February 2008
Tech Off Radar in '08 Race
EE Times
25 January 2008
No, the Tech Skills Shortage Doesn't Exist
Information Week
12 January 2008
U.S. Dominance in R&D Faltering
Industrial Market Trends
8 January 2008
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