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Chris McManes
IEEE-USA Public Relations Manager

+1 202 530 8356
Pender M. McCarter, APR, Fellow PRSA
Senior Public Relations Counselor, IEEE-USA

+1 202 530 8353

Here's a list of IEEE-USA citations in various media publications. In some cases, the text of the article has been reprinted. Note: Due to the nature of the Internet, some of the links may have expired or require a password.

2010 Listings

3rd Quarter
To Stay Competitive, All U.S. Students Need Reading, 'Riting and Science
18 November 2010

High-Tech Healer: IEEE's 2010 New Face of Engineering
The Institute
September 2010

Obama Calls for Permanent R&D Tax Credit
PC World
8 September 2010

Making Sense of Science
Voice of America
23 July 2010

Where the Engineering Jobs Are
IEEE Spectrum Magazine
July 2010

2nd Quarter

Final Tally: IT Lost 250,000 Jobs Last Year
28 April 2010

1st Quarter

Develop an iPad Application: Grab a Job
Gaea News Network (Blog)
1 February 2010
If You Want a Job, Build an iPad App
Computerworld (Blog)
29 January 2010
U.S. Engineering Jobs, Present and Future
IT Business Edge (Blog)
27 January 2010
Engineering Job Growth Stalls
National Journal Tech Daily Dose
26 January 2010
Obama's Job Push Arrives as Engineers Leave IT
26 January 2010
Con Edison Engineer to Lead IEEE-USA Energy Committee
Con Edison
25 January 2010
Watch What You Post, It May Come Back to Haunt You
Canadian Consulting Engineer (Blog)
18 January 2010
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