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New & Notable

[Posted: 03 January 2008]

IEEE-USA Board Set for 2008, Vice President Positions Reorganized

After the IEEE-USA Board of Directors approved a volunteer reorganization at its 20 November 2007 meeting, the IEEE-USA Assembly elected IEEE-USA’s new vice presidents and secretary-treasurer for 2008. They are:

Secretary-Treasurer — James Howard
Vice President, Career & Member Services — John Twitchell
Vice President, Communications & Public Awareness — Paul Kostek
Vice President, Government Relations — Peter Eckstein
Vice President, Professional Activities — Winnfort Myles

They join 2008 IEEE-USA President Russell Lefevre, President-Elect Gordon Day, Past President John Meredith, Members-at-Large Gregg Vaughn and Gary Blank, and Regional Directors Howard Michel, John Dentler, Bill Ratcliff, Robert Dawson, David Pierce and Loretta Arellano as voting members of the 2008 IEEE-USA Board of Directors.

The assembly election filled a revised set of vice president positions, whose titles and programmatic responsibilities were adjusted to provide clearer lines of responsibility and enhance planning and budgetary oversight. The reorganization resulted in the establishment of a new vice president for communications & public awareness reflecting the board's emphasis on improving member awareness of available IEEE-USA benefits and issues of professional concern. The new vice president will oversees IEEE-USA’s awards and recognitions program, IEEE-USA Today’s Engineer, and the organization’s new e-book publishing operation, as well as help IEEE-USA adopt new communications tools and techniques.

This new office was created by combining two previous vice president positions, which shared responsibility for public policy-related work but in separate areas of career and technology policy. In their place, the new vice president for government relations is responsible for fully integrating and leveraging IEEE-USA's government relations resources around a common set of public policy priorities and government relations goals.

The two remaining vice presidents retain their current roles, with some adjustments. The vice president for career & member services (formerly member activities) is charged to focus on developing and delivering career-related programs to benefit U.S. IEEE members and the profession. The vice president for professional activities continues to monitor the PACE Network and works to promote professional activities in the IEEE’s U.S. sections, chapters, student branches, regions and divisions.

For more on IEEE-USA and its operations, visit the IEEE-USA homepage at


Last Update:  29 September 2011


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