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New & Notable

[Posted: 7 October 2008]

Plug and Play Seminar: IEEE Members Eligible for Reduced Registration Fee

IEEE members are invited to attend the Plug and Play Acceleration and Collaboration Track (PACT) seminar for a negotiated reduced rate (Regular registration fee: $495, IEEE member rate: $95). The conference will be held 20-21 October 2008 in Sunnyvale, Calif. The Seminar will focus on: the culture of innovation and spirit of entrepreneurship in universities; challenges that young start-ups and entrepreneurs face; and best practices in technology incubation.

Keynote speakers: Dan'l Lewin, VP of strategy and development at Microsoft, and Ron Conway, Founder of SV Angels.

This event will:

  • Examine the journeys of 5 top Silicon Valley through case studies
  • Examine best practices to foster entrepreneurship spirit and help entrepreneurs with the help of the top universities in the US (Stanford, Cornell, MIT, Harvard, Cal Poly, etc)
  • Explore how government and private incubators can assist entrepreneurs (with the Californian Israeli Chamber of Commerce or Canadian government)
  • Showcase how top angel investors and VCs with top European VC Wellington Partners, Northwest Ventures and DFJ.
  • Examine the importance of technology partners like Sun, Microsoft, Google and how they partner with and help start-ups.
  • Showcase international start-ups and expose them to funding opportunities during our international EXPO on 21 October.


To register for PACT and activate the discount code:

  1. Register on the PACT Web site
  2. Proceed to eventbrite Web site (link on registration page) to make payment
  3. Select Regular ticket ($450) and enter discount code IEEEPACT which brings the price to $95


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