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WASHINGTON (24 April 2008) IEEE-USA has unveiled its 2007 award winners in recognition of professional, technical and literary contributions to public awareness and understanding of the engineering profession in the United States.

These distinguished awards are administered under the IEEE-USA Awards and Recognition Committee and approved by the IEEE-USA Board of Directors.

Professional Awards

Robert S. Walleigh Distinguished Contributions to Engineering Professionalism Award

Jean Eason
For long term leadership and accomplishments in IEEE-USA professional activities

Award for Distinguished Public Service

Senator Lamar Alexander and Senator Jeff Bingaman
For leadership in initiating the study, Rising Above the Gathering Storm

Citation of Honor

Steve Allen
For creating a self-sustaining Future City Competition for the state of Washington

Tarek Lahdhiri
For tireless efforts to further the professional development skills and career interests of U.S. IEEE members

Robert W. McClure
For lifetime contributions to engineering education program accreditation, and support of engineering licensure

Paul Meisel
For long-term support of PACE activities and motivating the development of professional programs and conferences

Regional Professional Leadership Award

Terence B. Carr, Region 5
For promoting PACE activities, and developing an online process for PACE proposals within Region 5

Greg Hutchins, Region 6
For providing insight, as well as training and development materials to IEEE-USA’s Career and Workforce Policy Committee

Maury Miller, Region 6
For leadership in coordinating follow-up meetings with the Washington State Delegation after the IEEE-USA Career Fly-In

Halden A. Morris, Region 3
For leadership in promoting IEEE-USA professional programs and goals in Region 3

Monroe B. Savage, Region 3
For leadership in rebuilding the engineering community in Mississippi and Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina

Ravi Todi, Region 3
For leadership of GOLD and PACE programs and student activities in Region 3

Divisional Professional Leadership Award

John Prohodsky, Division VIII
For leadership in creating opportunities for professional activities in the IEEE Computer Society

Professional Achievement Award for Individuals

Robert Menzel
For providing professional development programs in the IEEE St. Louis Section

Nita Patel
For developing the Technical Workshop Program and supporting the professional program for the 2007 IEEE-USA Annual Meeting

Kevin Taylor
For conceiving and coordinating the Future Energy Technology’s Employment Challenge career program in Detroit, Michigan

Professional Achievement Award for Organizations

For a tradition of supporting professionalism by promoting employee involvement and sponsoring IEEE activities

Precollege Education Committee Teacher-Engineer Partnership Award

Moises Cases & Christopher Benedict
For increasing student awareness of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) at Ridgetop Elementary School

Literary Awards

Award for Distinguished Literary Contributions Furthering the Public Understanding
   of the Profession

Matt Wickenheiser
For his series, Investigative Report: Foreign Labor, that improved public understanding of visa fraud issues

Technical Awards

Electrotechnology Transfer Award

Michael Duarte
For technology transfer to medical diagnostics by applying digital imaging enhancement used for finding underwater objects to detecting small lesions in mammograms

Harry Diamond Award

Meyya Meyyappan
For distinguished technical contributions and engineering leadership in developing nanotechnology applications in sensors, instrumentation, and devices

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Sandra Kim
Program Manager, Member and Professional Activities
Phone: + 1 202 530 8330



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