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News Release

IEEE-USA Sponsoring Mini Golf Hole to Help Raise Public Understanding of Engineering

WASHINGTON (3 July 2012) — Miniature golf began in Scotland 145 years ago and spread to the United States in 1916. Now it's coming to the nation’s capital.

Starting on the Fourth of July and running through Labor Day, the National Building Museum will feature a 12-hole, fully playable mini golf exhibition,IEEE-USA is sponsoring the second hole in what promises to be one of the most fun exhibitions the museum has ever presented.

IEEE-USA chose to participate to help raise the public awareness of engineering. The National Building Museum, which celebrates the building arts, is expecting thousands of people to play the course this summer.

IEEE-USA’s “Hole in 1s and 0s” was designed by GrizForm Design Architects and built by Potomac Construction Services. It is a representation of the inner workings of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. The name calls to mind binary code, the phenomenon that all functions of a computer are governed by ones and zeroes. A QR code inside the structure will direct smartphone and tablet users to further information about IEEE-USA, its design and build partners, and engineering schools and careers.

According to GrizForm Design, Hole in 1s and 0s “appears from the exterior as a simple closed form; however, once inhabited, it presents the inner workings as a miniature golf hole to be experienced as an intimate and personal experience.”

To see a photo of the hole, go to

For more information on the golf course, visit

GrizForm Design Architects ( is an award-winning architecture firm which specializes in hospitality projects. They push the boundaries of design, and approach each project without preconceived ideas. GrizForm was founded in 2003 with an understanding of the construction world, a belief in good design and a desire to improve our built environment.

Potomac Construction Services ( is a full-service general contracting firm specializing in the restaurant and retail market sector. It combines its passion for customer service and knowledge and experience in the industry to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

The National Building Museum ( is America’s leading cultural institution dedicated to advancing the quality of the built environment by educating people about its impact on their lives. Through its exhibitions, educational programs, online content, and publications, the Museum has become a vital forum for the exchange of ideas and information about the world people build for themselves.

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