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News Release

IEEE Sustainable Technologies Conference Seeks Technical Abstracts by 29 April

WASHINGTON (24 April 2017) While an IEEE student member and graduate research assistant at Utah State University, Braden Limb presented a paper at the 2015 IEEE Sustainable Technologies Conference. His topic: wireless charging for electric vehicles in motion.

Researchers continue to look into this at the school’s Electric Vehicle and Roadway Research Facility and Test Track. If the technology can be commercialized, it is expected to offer major benefits.

Chief among these are an estimated 20 percent reduction in air pollution, a 10 percent drop in the CO2 emissions, and a 75 percent cost savings over operating a gasoline-powered vehicle.

“This technology is not only environmentally friendly, it’s also much more economically friendly than internal combustion vehicles on the market today,” Limb said at SusTech 2015.

SusTech Call for Papers

SusTech 2017 organizers are seeking similar papers, posters and workshops. Ones that promote advances in technology while eliminating or reducing dangers such as pollution, global warming, electronic waste and negative impacts to overall health. The submission deadline has been extended to 29 April.

SusTech 2017 is set for The Hilton Phoenix Airport, 12-14 November. Topics of interest include:

* Smart Grid
* Renewable/Alternate Energy
* Energy Efficiency
* Internet of Things
* Electronics
* Agriculture & Food Technology
* Water Resources Management
* Intelligent Transportation Systems
* Ocean Waste & Pollution
* eWaste
* Smart Cities
* Ecological Sustainability & Conservation
* Societal Implications
* Quality of Life / Public Policy

Author guidelines can be found at

SusTech 2017 is sponsored by IEEE Region 6, IEEE Oregon and Phoenix sections, IEEE-USA, IEEE Consumer Electronics Society, IEEE Society on Social Implications of Technology and IEEE Environmental Engineering Technical Community.

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