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Free May E-Book Guides Readers on Staying Sharp--Outside Their Companies

WASHINGTON (1 May 2017) – In today's world,staying sharp “outside” your company is just as important asstaying sharp“inside” your company. One of the ways you can enhance your non-technical skills for career success is through volunteering in your community.

In May, IEEE-USA E-BOOKS is offering the award-winning “Staying Sharp--Volume 2:  Tips for Staying Sharp Outside Your Company” free to IEEE members.

An active IEEE member for many years, author Harry T. Roman also advocates volunteering in IEEE and other professional societies as an ideal way to enhance your professional experience. For example, participating in your local IEEE section is a great way to meet people. Additions to your personal network can benefit you when you need advice, assistance, or are looking for work.

Now through 15 June, IEEE members can get a free download of this e-book by going to: Log in with your IEEE Web account, add the book to your cart and use promo code MAYFREE17 at checkout.

Roman especially recommends volunteer positions that require public speaking.

“Speaking in public is a powerful tool for you to master,” he says. “What’s more, people you meet will invariably strike up conversations, which could turn out to be excellent networking opportunities.”


IEEE-USA E-BOOKS seeks authors to write an individual e-book, or a series, on career guidance and development topics. If you have an idea you think will benefit members in a particular area of expertise, please email your proposal to IEEE-USA Publishing Manager Georgia C. Stelluto

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