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IEEE-USA InSight Podcast: Episode 12

IEEE-USA InSight Podcast: Episode 12 features news and information on a variety of topics, including: IEEE-USA’s new communications and power disaster relief vehicle was unveiled to members and the public during SoutheastCon in Norfolk, Virginia; Dr. Rose Faghih, who graduated from the University of Maryland and added a master’s and doctorate from MIT, was recently honored as the IEEE-USA New Face of Engineering; eBook Corner; a Newsmaker Interview with Tenaya Hurst, whose company, Rogue Making, teaches people how to make small, wearable technology devices; a conference update; and a spotlight on IEEE-USA Products and Services. Tune in online or subscribe via iTunes or your favorite Podcast application.

IEEE Member Benefit: Free May IEEE-USA eBook

As a special benefit to IEEE members, IEEE-USA provides members with one complimentary eBook each month. Through 15 June, members can download at no charge Starting Your Start-Up - Book 5: The Launch. To download your free eBook, go to the IEEE-USA Shop, sign in with your IEEE web account, add the book to your cart and use promo code MAYFREE16 at checkout. If you aren't an IEEE member yet, join now for this and other benefits!

2016 Call for Nominations: IEEE-USA Officers

The IEEE-USA Nominations and Appointments (N&A) Committee needs your help identifying U.S. IEEE members who may be interested in, and well-qualified for, service on the IEEE-USA Board of Directors and/or IEEE-USA committees. more

Register Now to Save on Future Leaders Forum

The first-ever Future Leaders Forum, presented by IEEE-USA, will focus on early career technology innovators and thinkers. Join us 28-30 July in New Orleans to meet world-renowned technology leaders and learn how to become one yourself. Be energized by the insights and wisdom of your fellow attendees. Be inspired by the specially formulated leadership labs to boost your career, and enjoy the music, food, and culture of New Orleans. Early Bird registration is now open.

IEEE-USA InSight Podcast: Episode 11

IEEE-USA InSight Podcast: Episode 11 features news and information on a variety of topics, including: IEEE Virtual Career and Talent Expo; IEEE-USA's new Mobile Outreach Vehicle (MOVE); eBook Corner; a Newsmaker Interview with IEEE Fellow Dr. Luis Kun; a conferences update; and an IEEE-USA products and services update; and more. Tune in online or subscribe via iTunes or your favorite Podcast application.

Member Features

IEEE-USA's Flagship Publication: IEEE-USA InSight

IEEE-USA is pleased to announce the premiere of our new flagship publication, IEEE-USA InSight. Don't miss stories on the portrayal of engineering and technology in pop culture, STEM role models for girls and young women and why IEEE-USA President Jim Jefferies thinks this is a great time to be a U.S. IEEE member. more

IEEE-USA Careers & Employment Flipboard: A Roundup of Career Guidance for IT Pros

IEEE-USA's Career & Employment Issues Flipboard aggregates career advancement and job-hunting advice for current IT professionals, as well as guidance for those new to the industry. IEEE-USA's Flipboard also covers entrepreneurship, hiring tips, industry trends and more. more

IEEE-USA Salary Service
IEEE-USA has partnered with Industry Insights, a leader in salary surveys and research, to launch a new and enhanced salary service featuring several new products. Users now have a choice of two calculators — one that employs the regression model, and a new calculator that allows you to select individual filters to calculate your compensation directly from the salary survey's raw data. IEEE-USA also offers five downloadable industry-specific salary reports along with the new 2015 IEEE-USA Salary & Benefits Report.

Career Resources For IEEE Members
Unemployed or concerned about your future? Check out the following resources to help you with your career and employment: IEEE-USA Career Navigator, IEEE Job Site, Employment and Career Strategies Forum and the IEEE career page.  For further information contact Ed Kirchner, Chair Employment and Career Services Committee or Scott Grayson.


Brand Video

Video: ‘Putting the I in IEEE-USA’
IEEE-USA has been striving for nearly 40 years to support the professional interests of U.S. IEEE members. How we do that is captured in a new video, "Putting the I in IEEE-USA," where you will find the "I" in IEEE-USA is all about you. more

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IEEE-USA has established a presence on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to help U.S. IEEE members follow the organization's activities and keep them apprised of the latest news and events that are affecting their careers and the profession.

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