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  CARE - Congressional Advocacy Recruitment Effort

Calling All IEEE Members!  Click To Join CARE Now

Years of academic research has proven that direct communications from constituents remains the best way to influence elected officials. Isn't it time you contacted yours?

CARE is a voluntary network of IEEE members who are interested in public policy. Each year Congress and state legislatures debate hundreds of bills that could, if passed, directly impact technology engineers. From promoting broadband to regulating our electrical grid; from funding basic research to providing scholarships to engineering students, the legislative decisions impact engineers’ careers in an unlimited number of ways.

CARE gives you an opportunity to influence your legislator’s decisions before bills become law. By joining CARE you are giving IEEE-USA permission to contact you when legislation affecting you is being considered. When necessary, IEEE-USA will send you Legislative Action Alerts containing information on what’s being discussed, how it will affect technology engineers, and what you can do about it. We then give you an opportunity to quickly make your views known through an e-mail system that automatically links you to your state and federal legislators.

CARE members are not obligated to respond to Action Alerts sent by IEEE-USA. The Alerts just tell you what is happening. Doing something about it is your decision.

Over 10,000 IEEE members are members of IEEE-USA's grassroots network, the CARE network. Joining is easy, fast and free. Simply go to our Legislative Action Center and sign in using your IEEE Web Account log-in. (If you have not activated your Web Account, click here.) Respond to one of our active Action Alerts and you will automatically listed as a CARE member. As new Alerts are posted, you will be notified by e-mail and given a easy way to respond.


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Updated:  02 June 2010
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