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  2013 IEEE-USA Energy Fly-In (10-11 June)


IEEE-USA invites any IEEE member with an interest in Energy Policy to come to Washington on 10-11 June 2013 for our Fifth Annual Energy Fly-In. This unique event will give IEEE members an unparalleled opportunity to directly influence the direction of Energy Policy in Washington.

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There are 81 new members of Congress this year. Some of them, including Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.), know quite a bit about energy and technology policy. (Rep. Massie has a degree from MIT and founded a successful technology company.) Most, however, do not. That holds true for returning members of Congress as well.

Our Energy Fly-In offers you a chance to build connections with the new members of Congress, reaffirm relations with existing members, and educate all members about IEEE-USA Energy Policy Recommendations.

There are a host of energy-related issues confronting Congress that will directly impact IEEE members' careers and lives. Everything from electric cars to nuclear power and the smart grid are on the table. Before decisions are made and laws enacted, Congress needs to hear from engineers who really understand how our energy systems work who know what is science and what is science fiction. In other words, Congress need to hear from you. IEEE-USA is hosting its fifth annual Energy Fly-In on 10-11 June for all IEEE members in the United States. At the event you meet privately with your elected representatives and their staff to discuss energy policy. This will give you the best possible chance to share your expertise with the men and women who run our country.
 What If I Can't Come
 To Washington?
Meeting directly with legislators in Washington is the best way to influence Congress, but traveling to D.C. may not always be convenient. If you can't join us in June, there are still ways for you to help technology engineers be heard. IEEE-USA encourages engineers who are interested in these issues to contact the IEEE-USA staff to discuss opportunities for you and your local IEEE section.

On 10 June, participants will be fully briefed by IEEE-USA staff and key IEEE volunteers on the state of energy policy debate in Congress. You will learn what the budget picture looks like, what obstacles are slowing reform, and what your legislators need to do to address these problems. We will also teach you what to expect during your meetings and how to make the most of them.

Armed with this information, participants will head to Capitol Hill on 11 June for personal meetings with your elected leaders and/or staff.

Studies and experience have shown that personal meetings between voters and their elected leaders are the single best way to influence legislative outcomes. Legislators want to hear from voters back home. They assume that, if a voter makes the effort to travel all the way to Washington, the voter must feel strongly about the issue. Politicians desperately want to know what issues are important to their voters, so they listen when you take the time to tell them.
Qualifications for participation in the IEEE-USA Energy Fly-In are as follows:

  1. You must live in the United States and be an IEEE member

  2. You must care about energy policy issues

That's it. Experience, an understanding of the legislative process and familiarity with energy policy are all nice, but not necessary. If you want to learn, IEEE-USA will teach you everything you need to know before your meetings. All you need to bring is enthusiasm and a willingness to help your government make better decisions on how to power our country.

And if you have never engaged the political system before, this is the absolute best way to start!


Most fly-in participants pay their own travel expenses. IEEE-USA will be providing some meals to all participants and has structured the event to minimize costs.

IEEE-USA will be able to provide funding for a limited number of engineers to attend this event. Sponsored participants will be chosen based on the political importance of their legislators. In the past, some sections and regions have also been willing to sponsor a limited number of participants. Contact your section and region leaders directly for more details.

Fly-In Schedule (tentative)

Monday, 10 June

2:00 - 5:30 p.m. Energy Policy Briefing
6:00 p.m. Dinner (provided by IEEE-USA)

Tuesday, 11 June

8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. All Day Capitol Hill Visits

IEEE-USA will not know your exact itinerary until your meetings are scheduled. Historically most of these meetings occur in the morning and virtually all before 3:00 p.m. If travel requirements demand that you leave D.C. before 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday, please let IEEE-USA know so that we can arrange your Hill visit schedule to accommodate your travel schedule.

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Questions regarding fly-in logistics or Congressional meetings:
Russ Harrison
(202) 530-8326

Questions regarding Congress, legislation and the IEEE-USA Energy Policy Committee:
Erica Wissolik
(202) 530-8347


Updated:  08 April 2013
Contact: Russ Harrison,


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