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  Public Policy Log - 114th Congress, 1st Session (2015)

The following is the chronological log of public policy communications made by or on behalf of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers United States of America (IEEE-USA) (and other organizational units with IEEE) during the 114th Congress, 1st Session (2015), including testimonies, statements submitted for the record of congressional hearings, formal comments provided in response to public or regulatory notices, letters to Federal policy makers forwarding recommendations on public policy issues, and Legislative Alerts and similar notices of related government relations activities. Current Action Alerts can be accessed by IEEE members via IEEE-USA's Legislative Action Center.



26 March 2015 Letter to Senate Budget Committee Opposing Amendment 646 to the Senate Budget Bill (S.Con.Res.11), Which Would Enable Inclusion of H-1B Visa Increases in the Budget Bill.
17 March 2015 Statement for the Record on the Senate Judiciary Committee 17 March Hearing on Immigration Reforms Needed to Protect Skilled American Workers.
5 March 2015 Coalition Letter (CNSF) to U.S. Congress Supporting a $7.7B Appropriation for the National Science Foundation in FY 2016.
4 March 2015 Letter to Sen. Coons and Sponsors Endorsing the STRONG Patents Act of 2015 (S.632)
25 Feb. 2015 Coalition Letter (STEM Ed Coalition) to House of Representatives opposing House passage of the Student Success Act (H.R. 5) and Supporting Proposed Amendments 13, 33, 98 and 105.
23 Feb. 2015 Coalition Letter (STEM Ed Coalition) to House of Representatives supporting House passage of the STEM Education Act (H.R. 1020).
12 Feb. 2015 Coalition Letter (ResearchAmerica) To Leadership of the House Committee on Ways and Means Endorsing the American Research and Competitiveness Act of 2015 (H.R. 880), Legislation To Make Permanent the R&D Tax Credit.
11 Feb. 2015 Letter to California Congressional Delegation Forwarding News Story Highlighting Abuse of H-1B Visa Program.
5 Feb. 2015 Letter to Sen. Moran Endorsing The Green Card and Entrepreneur Visa Provisions in the STARTUP Act (S.181)
21 Jan. 2015 Coalition Letter to Reps. Goodlatte, Conyers, and Sen. Grassley, Leahy Providing Input Related to Anticipated Patent Reform Legislation.
20 Jan. 2015 Comments in Response to USCIS Docket Number: 2014-0014 Soliciting Input on the U.S. High-Skill and Employment-based Visa Systems.

Other IEEE U.S. Policy Communications

3 March 2015 Testimony by Dr. Greg Shannon Before House Energy and Commerce Oversight Subcommittee Hearing on Cyber Threats and Implications for the 21st Century Economy.
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IEEE-USA policy documents can be obtained by written request to the IEEE-USA, 2001 L Street, N.W., Suite 700, Washington, DC 20036, by phone request to 202-785-0017, by fax request to 202-785-0835, or by e-mail request to

Last Update: 27 March 2015
Staff Contact: Chris Brantley


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