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Awards & Recognition Committee

IEEE-USA has authorized the presentation of Awards and Recognition for the purpose of recognizing excellence, outstanding service, and contributions to professional activities. The awards are administered by IEEE-USA's Awards and Recognition Committee. IEEE-USA Awards are given to recognize professionalism, technical achievement, and literary contributions to public awareness and understanding of the engineering profession. Award recipients are announced each year at a special Awards Ceremony held in conjunction with the IEEE-USA Annual Meeting.

Click here for a full listing of IEEE-USA awards (includes links to information on each award, its purpose, form, frequency, eligibility, nomination and selection process, and nomination forms).

For more information on IEEE-USA's Awards, including how to submit a nomination, contact a member(s) of the Awards and Recognition Committee:


John D. Johnson Chair

Jason K. Hui

Region 1

Pam Jones

Region 2

Susan (Kathy) Land

Region 3

Nenad Marjanovic

Region 4

Diane Bowen Collier

Region 5

Jeffrey Pawlan

Region 6

Gerard Christman


Susan Murphy Member-At-Large

Bernard Sander

Past Chair

Ron Jensen


Jill Gostin





David Iams



For further assistance, contact:

David Iams
Career, Member & Professional Activities Manager
IEEE-USA 2001 L Street, N.W.
Suite 700
Washington, DC  20036-4928
Phone: 202-530-8374

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Last Updated: 12 February 2017
Contact: David Iams,


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