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Committee on Transportation and Aerospace Policy


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& Activities

Mission Statement

IEEE-USA's Committee on Transportation and Aerospace Policy (CTAP) contributes to the formulation of sound legislation, regulations and policies affecting aeronautics, astronautics and ground transportation technologies in the United States. Its scope includes civil aviation, intelligent transportation systems, manned and unmanned space exploration programs and related communications, infrastructure security, remote sensing and privacy protection issues.

Priority Issues & Activities

IEEE-USA will work to advance the safety, efficiency, security, and sustainability of transportation on surface, air and space, with a view towards promoting U.S. technology leadership and competitiveness. Priorities include:

  • upgrading and modernizing the national airspace system with communications, navigation, surveillance, and air traffic management automation technology;

  • promoting the use of intelligent transportation systems to improve transportation safety and to optimize traffic flow to ease congestion, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and reduce energy use;

  • advancing a technology-focused national space program that balances exploration, science, national security, and international partnerships;

  • advocating the development of controls safeguards and standards to establish cybersecurity and safety in all transportation systems and to improve port and aviation security; and

  • advancing UAV commercialization through technology policies that address autonomous control system safety, security, and efficacy.


Position Statements

The following CTAP position statements have been adopted by IEEE-USA:

Policy Communications

Committee Organization

Meeting Schedule

CTAP meetings are normally held in IEEE-USA's Washington D.C. Office.
For more information on future meeting dates, contact Aline McNaull at or at 202- 530-8355.

How to Participate

The Committee on Transportation and Aerospace Policy invites U.S. IEEE members with an interest in public policy and expertise in transportation and aerospace technologies to become Corresponding Members. Corresponding Members will be able to recommend committee policies and priorities, comment on draft statements and testimonies and otherwise contribute to the work of the committee.

To apply for membership, please send a brief description of your interest and expertise to

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Updated: 19 February 2016