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Government Fellows Committee



The IEEE-USA President appoints six (6) regular US-based IEEE members to serve individual three (3) year terms. Additionally, representatives of the US Department of State and the US Agency for International Development participate in the selection and interviews of the executive branch fellows.

2017 Government Fellows Committee

Kyle Bunch, Chair, Washington, DC
Eric Burger, Washington, DC
Jay Greenberg Eddystone, PA
Rebecca Taylor, Austin, TX
Tom Tierney, Los AlamoS, NM
Terry Wong, San Francisco, CA
Erica Wissolik, staff
Diana Librizzi, staff


GFC typically meets twice a year;a teleconference meeting to review applications and select Fellowship finalists, and a regular meeting to interview the finalists and recommend the Fellowship recipients.

23 DECEMBER - 5PM EST Application deadline for the 2018-2019 fellowship applications

JANUARY - Committee teleconference to review applications and select eligible candidates for in-person interviews.

FEBRUARY - Interviews of Fellows applicants in Washington, DC

FEBRUARY - Annual dinner for Government Fellows Committee and current government fellows


The mission of IEEE-USA's Government Fellows Committee is to develop and maintain an effective government fellowship program to utilize the knowledge and expertise of IEEE's U.S. members to provide timely advice and assistance to the U.S. government, and to assist the education of the IEEE's U.S. membership and the public on technology matters relating to public policy. The committee reports to the IEEE-USA Board of Directors through the IEEE-USA Vice President of Government Relations.


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