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Medical Technology Policy Committee (MTPC)


Action Issues & Activities

  • Health Information Technology including Electronic Health (E-Health) Record, Personal Health Records and National Health Information Network
  • Security and Privacy of E-Health Information
  • Patient Safety/Reducing Medical Errors


MTPC invites IEEE U.S. members who have an interest in public policy coupled with relevant expertise in the field of medical technology and who are willing to be active contributors to the committee's activities to join the committee as a Corresponding Member (CM). As CM, you will be invited to recommend committee activities, comment on draft position statements and testimonies, and otherwise participate in the business of the committee.

Committee Organization

IEEE-USA members are invited to serve on the committee to assist with the activities and mission of MTPC.

    • Chair:  
    • Vice Chair: Harry Sauberman
    • Staff:  Chris Brantley

Mission Statement

The Medical Technology Policy Committee (MTPC) is a focal point bringing the expertise of IEEE-USA to address national policy issues such as health care and wellness. The primary objective of the MTPC is to assist in the rational formulation of medical technology legislation, regulation, and policy in the U.S. The Committee attempts to accomplish this goal by preparing and presenting positions in accordance with IEEE-USA procedures. MTPC works to address various aspects of health and wellness activities affecting public policy in the country by relying on the professional and technical knowledge of IEEE members.

Meeting Schedule

MTPC meets at the IEEE-USA offices in Washington, DC. Contact Deborah Rudolph,, for future meeting dates and details.

Position Statements

White Papers Policy Communications Conferences and Reports

IEEE-USA participated as a co-sponsor in the following events: will broadcast the MTPC-sponsored session on "Privacy and Security for Wireless Communication in Healthcare," delivered at the First AMA-IEEE EMBS Medical Technology Conference on Individualized Health Care, held in Washington, D.C. (21-23 March 2010)

                 Donald Witters, Food and Drug Administration

Session Speakers and Presentations:

PowerPoint Presentations (Available to-date):

"The Role of Biotechnology and Bioinformatics in FDA's Critical Path Initiative"  Janet Woodcock, Deputy Commissioner of Operations, FDA

  1. "Biotech 2007: A Global Transformation"  Steven Burrill, CEO, Burrill & Company
  2. "Approaches to Developing Government R&D Programs"  Gregory Tassey, Senior Economist, NIST
  3. "The Potential of Biotechnology and Bioinformatics for Public Health" Anthony Arundel, SGEAU, OECD
  4. Assessing Emerging Technology Benefits and Barriers Roundtable" David Whitlinger, President & Board Chairman, Continua
  5. Deepak Ayyagari, Secretary, Continua Health Alliance; Principal Scientist, Persoanl Healthcare Technologies, Sharp

    More of the PowerPoint and Video presentations from the conference can be found at the NIST webpage as they become available.

Luis Kun, Frank Ferrante, Gouenou Coatrieux and Pradeep Ray
Luis Kun, IEEE-USA Medical Technology Policy Committee
Gouenou Coatrieux, presenter
Frank Ferrante, IEEE-USA Medical Technology Policy Committee

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Updated: 09 September 2013
Contact: Chris Brantley,


National Health IT Week: 16-20 September 2013

IEEE-USA joined with over 100 other organizations supporting National Health IT Week in Washington DC. Events include an advocacy day; award presentations; a Congressional showcase of health IT applications and systems; and active participation by Members of Congress and heads of leading national healthcare stakeholders. 


AIMBE's 22nd Annual Event * Washington, DC

Innovating Forward - Medical and Biological Engineering to Improve Society

February 17-19, 2013


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