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The PACE Committee is a committee of the IEEE-USA Board of Directors created to stimulate professional activities for members in local Sections in the six IEEE U.S. Regions and among members of IEEE's technical societies. This Committee’s goal is to serve as a forum for communication between IEEE section and society members and the IEEE-USA leadership.


The mission of the PACE Committee is to promote professional activities at the member level by facilitating new PACE Network leadership training; assisting the Professional Development Conference Committee with conference logistics; fostering, nurturing, and coordinating PACE activities; and communicating to the IEEE-USA Board of Directors the concerns of members.


The functions of the PACE Committee outlined in the committee's charter include:

  1. Fostering, nurturing and coordinating PACE activities at the Regional, Section, Area/Council Divisional, Society and Chapter level.
  2. Developing, implementing and facilitating PACE leadership training.
  3. Assisting with conference programs with professional development activities.
  4. Serving as a forum for communicating member professional concerns to IEEE-USA.
  5. Disseminating information on professional concerns to other countries, on request.
  6. Interfacing with Regional, Section, Area/Council, Divisional, Society and Chapter PACE coordinators to identify programs, services and products needed by the member.
  7. Interfacing with other IEEE-USA Councils to prepare materials and identify pertinent issues.
  8. Evaluating and recommending changes to the system of authorizing funding for PACE activities and reporting on them.

Organization and Roster

The PACE Committee is made up of the Region 1-6 PACE Coordinators, who are appointed by the IEEE Region 1-6 Directors, a Technical/Divisional Representative and a Young Professional. The IEEE-USA Vice President, Professional Activities, serves as an ex-officio member. The chair of the committee is selected from among the current or past membership.

Each Regional and Technical Coordinator can also call upon the assistance of Regional Program Coordinators and Divisional PACE Coordinators for Career Enhancement Activities, Employment Assistance Activities, Precollege Education Activities, Professional Education Activities, Government Activities, Student Professional Awareness Activities, and Technical Policy Issues.


For more information on the PACE Committee and its activities, or for help in contacting the regional and divisional volunteers, contact:

David Iams
2001 L Street, N.W, Suite 700
Washington, DC 20036-4928
(Phone) 202-530-8374

(Fax) 202-785-0835


Updated: 06 February 2015