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PACE Projects
The PACE Network is directed toward achieving objectives that include:

  • Encouraging the provision of member services, mainly in the form of increased economic benefits, professional stature, and employment security for engineers
  • Enhancing public awareness of the socio-technical issues affecting American society and promoting public recognition of engineers as professionals
  • Engaging in government action at the local, state, and national level by making the background and problem solving experience of engineers available to the legislative process and by influencing legislation that affects the professional careers of engineers

As a means of achieving these objectives, the PACE Handbook outlines five areas within the responsibility of the Region PACE Coordinator:

  • Government Activities
  • Career and Employment Enhancement Activities
  • Pre-university (K-12 STEM) Activities
  • Student Professional Awareness Activities
  • Technical Policy Activities

Getting Started
The hardest part of a PACE project is deciding what you want to do

  • Prepare a project plan
  • Identify resources and funding
  • FUNDING IS AVAILABLE from multiple sources
  • Execute your project
  • Report the outcome of your project

PACE Project Ideas

All of these areas are appropriate subjects for PACE meetings. The IEEE-USA PACE Network website lists a number of past examples of relevant PACE funded programs that have been held. Here are a few of them:

As you can see, the range of appropriate PACE projects is quite broad. As you continue to look for ways to serve the IEEE membership in your Regions, please work with your PACE Coordinators to develop a comprehensive PACE program that works toward achieving all PACE objectives

Past PACE Project Examples

Career Enhancement Projects
Employment Assistance Projects
Government Relations Projects
Professional Development Seminars (formerly called M-PACs)
Precollege Education Projects
Student Professional Awareness Conferences
Technical Policy Projects
Marketing Your PACE Program

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