24 Apr

IEEE Sustainable Technologies Conference Seeks Technical Abstracts by 29 April

WASHINGTON (24 April 2017) – While an IEEE student member and graduate research assistant at Utah State University, Braden Limb presented a paper at the 2015 IEEE Sustainable Technologies Conference. His topic: wireless charging for electric vehicles in motion.Researchers continue to look into this at the school’s Electric Vehicle and Roadway Research Facility and Test […]

07 Apr

Now Hear This: Announcing IEEE-USA’s New Audio E-Books

WASHINGTON (7 April 2017) — More than 80 percent of employees cite a lack of communication as a reason for project failure. If your team is having trouble completing projects, look at improving your communication skills. Reading is one of the best avenues to better communication. Unfortunately, most people don’t have the time to read […]

04 Apr

Free April E-Book Offers Commonsense Guide for Developing People

WASHINGTON (4 April 2017) — Your people are your most important and versatile resource. They can be upgraded, renewed, rejuvenated and adapted to a wide variety of jobs. Equipped with the proper support, tools, information and leadership, they can make the difference in the global race for market share. Treat them poorly or ignore the […]

01 Apr

Disaster Relief Founder, Big Data Pioneer Among IEEE-USA Award Winners

CONCORD, N.C. (1 April 2017) — To those who have lost nearly all their belongings to a huge disaster, the ability to communicate with loved ones can mean the difference between hope and depression. When calamity strikes, Mary Ellen Randall and her team spring into action, bringing short-term power, Internet and cell-phone charging capability to […]