Katherine J. Duncan – 2021 President, IEEE-USA

Katherine Duncan Headshot

Katherine J. Duncan specializes in the development of novel nanomaterials for next-generation communication systems. She received her masters of engineering in electrical engineering with an Optics Certificate (minor) from Stevens Institute of Technology and doctorate degree from New Jersey Institute of Technology. She is currently serving as a Visiting Research Fellow in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the U.S. Military Academy West Point. She joined the U.S. Army Communications-Electronics Research, Development and Engineering Center (CERDEC) in 2009, where she serves as a Senior Research Scientist. As a researcher, she has coordinated research projects focused on the development of novel nanomaterials for next-generation communication systems. She has authored and coauthored several scientific and professional papers, related to materials synthesis, antenna development and far field power transmission. Dr. Duncan has demonstrated executive leadership experience that spans industry, academia and government.

Dr. Duncan is an IEEE Senior Member and a member of IEEE HKN. She served as Region 2 Director, on the IEEE-USA Board of Directors, MGA Finance Committee and many other IEEE volunteer capacities.

IEEE Accomplishments & Activities


  • IEEE-USA President-Elect (2020), IEEE-USA President (2021), IEEE-USA Past President (2022)
  • IEEE-USA Board of Directors (2017-2018, 2020-2022)
  • IEEE Board of Directors, Region 2 Director/Delegate (2017-2018); Region 2 Director-Elect/Delegate-Elect (2015-2016)
  • IEEE MGA FinCom (2017-2018)
  • IEEE-USA WIE Liaison (2016, 2019)
  • IEEE Ad Hoc on Strategic Planning (2016)
  • IEEE Ad Hoc on Continuous Improvement (2017)
  • IEEE Board of Directors Coordinator IEEE Ethics Committee (2017-2018)

Region 2:

  • WIE Coordinator (2013-2015)
  • Region Vitality Coordinator (2015)


  • North Jersey: Member (2007-2010); WIE Chair (2009)
  • Membership Development Chair (2008-2010)
  • Baltimore: Secretary (2012); Treasurer (2013); Vice-Chair (2014)


  • IEEE AP-S (NTDC) (2015-present)
  • IEEE Radio and Wireless Symposium (2015-present) Reviewer


  • 2018: Professional Member


  • Chair, IEEE WIE Summit USA East 2015
  • Treasurer, IEEE 2018 R2 YP/WIE RISE
  • Committee member numerous IEEE conferences


  • ABET Evaluator
  • IEEE WIE, IEEE MTTS, IEEE APS, IoT Community Memberships
  • IEEE Nanotechnology, RFID Council