Public Policy Log - 114th Congress, 2nd Session (2016)

The following is the chronological log of public policy communications made by or on behalf of IEEE-USA (and other organizational units with IEEE) during the 114th Congress, 2nd Session (2016), including testimonies, statements submitted for the record of congressional hearings, formal comments provided in response to public or regulatory notices, letters to Federal policy makers forwarding recommendations on public policy issues, and Legislative Alerts and similar notices of related government relations activities.

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Date Description
8 Dec. 2016 Coalition (TFAI) Letter to President-Elect Trump Urging Support for Federally Funded STEM Research.
30 Nov. 2016 Coalition (STEM Ed) Letter to President-Elect Trump with recommendations on K-12 STEM education priorities for the new Administration.
17 Oct. 2016 Comment Submitted to US Citizen and Immigration Service (Doc. USCIS-2015-2006) Expressing Concerns Regarding the Administration's Parole Proposal for Immigrant Start-Up Entrepreneurs.
19 Sep. 2016 Coalition Letter (TFAI) to House and Senate Leadership Urging Completion of the 2017 Appropriations Process With Robust Funding for Scientific Research.
25 Aug. 2016 Letter to Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Requesting that USPTO's Rule-Making Re:  Patent Processing (Updating) 0651-0031 Should be Returned to USPTO as Improperly Submitted.
22 Jul 2016 Comment Submitted to USPTO In Response to a request for public comment (0651-0031) on Patent Processing, pursuant to the Paperwork Reduction Act.
6 Jul. 2016 Letter to Reps. Rohrabacher and Pascrell Supporting Introduction of The H-1B and L-1 Visa Reform Act (H.R. TBD) in the House of Representatives.
6 Jul. 2016 Coalition (CNSF) Letter to the Senate Supporting the American Innovation and Competitiveness Act (S. 3084)
28 Jun. 2016 Coalition (CNSF) Statement to the Senate Supporting the American Innovation and Competitiveness Act (S. 3084)
28 Jun. 2016 Coalition (TFAI) Letter to leadership of the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee Supporting the American Innovation and Competitiveness Act (S. 3084)
24 Jun. 2016 IEEE-USA Letter on Behalf of IEEE Internet Initiative to Reps. Royce and Engel Supporting the Digital Global Access Policy Act of 2016 (H.R. 5537)
1 Jun. 2016 IEEE-USA Comments to NTIA (IOT RFC 2016) on The Benefits, Challenges, and Potential Roles for the Government in Fostering the Advancement of the Internet of Things
31 May 2016 IEEE-USA Amicus Brief Supporting Grant of Certiorari By U.S. Supreme Court in MCM Portfolio LLC vs. HP and USPTO
29 Apr. 2016 Coalition (STEM Ed) Whitepaper on The Case for Investing in Out-of-School Learning as a Core Strategy in Improving Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Education
31 Mar. 2016 Statement to House Appropriations on Commerce, Justice, Science and related Agencies on FY2017 Budget Recommendations for NIST, NSF and NASA.
14 Mar. 2016 IEEE-USA Endorsement of Rep. Butterfield/McKinley "Dear Colleague" Letter Urging Support for $8 Billion Request for National Science Foundation's FY2017 Appropriation.
29 Feb. 2016 Comments Submitted to Dept. of Homeland Security Concerning Proposals Affecting High-Skill Non-Immigrant Workers (DHS Docket NO. USCIS-2015-00008).
25 Feb. 2016 Statement to Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest for Hearing on The Impact of High Skilled Immigration on U.S. Workers.
22 Feb. 2016 Joint Letter with IEEE Computer Society To U.S. Congress Urging Computer Education as an FY2017 Budget Priority.
16 Feb. 2016 Letter to California State Assembly Leaders  and Members of the Privacy and Consumer Protection and Judiciary Committees Opposing Assembly Bill AB 1681, Which Would Prohibit the Sale of Smartphones with Unbreakable Encryption
9 Feb. 2016 Coalition (CNSR) Letter to Congress and DoD Opposing Cuts to Basic Research and S&T Funding in the FY2017 Defense Budget Request
29 Jan. 2016 Coalition (TFAI) Letter to House and Senate Appropriations Committee Leaders Urging Strong Support for R&D in the FY2017 302 (b) Budget Allocations
21 Jan. 2016 Coalition (STEM Ed) Letter with Recommendations on STEM Education Prepared for the 2016 Presidential Candidates

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