Public Policy Log - 116th Congress, 1st Session (2019)

The following is the chronological log of public policy communications made by or on behalf of IEEE-USA (and other organizational units with IEEE) during the 116th Congress, 1st Session (2019), including testimonies, statements submitted for the record of congressional hearings, formal comments provided in response to public or regulatory notices, letters to Federal policy makers forwarding recommendations on public policy issues, and Legislative Alerts and similar notices of related government relations activities.

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19 March 2019 Coalition Letter (CNSF) to House and Senate Commerce Committee leadership urging their support for a bipartisan agreement raising FY 2020 budget caps for non-defense discretionary spending including a $9 billion appropriation for the National Science Foundation.
11 March 2019 Coalition Letter (ERC) urging Congress to lift the non-defense discretionary budget caps and appropriate $7 billion in FY 2020 for DOE Office of Science.
7 March 2019 IEEE-USA statement to the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee for its 27 Feb. hearing on Policy Principles for a Federal Data Privacy Framework in the United States.
15 February 2019 Coalition Letter (CNSR) to White House and Congressional Leaders urging them to reach to reach a bipartisan budget agreement to raise the FY2020 discretionary budget caps.
7 February 2019 Statement to the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee for its hearing on The Outlook for Energy Innovation in the United States.
10 January 2019 IEEE-USA response to a Department of Commerce RFI (RIN 0694-AG61) on Criteria for Defining and Identifying Emerging Technologies for Purposes of Export Controls.
7 January 2019 Letter to House and Senate leadership urging passage of legislation recognizing every American's digital privacy rights.

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