Public Policy Log - 117th Congress, 1st Session (2021)

The following is the chronological log of public policy communications made by or on behalf of IEEE-USA (and other organizational units with IEEE) during the 117th Congress, 1st Session (2021), including testimonies, statements submitted for the record of congressional hearings, formal comments provided in response to public or regulatory notices, letters to Federal policy makers forwarding recommendations on public policy issues, and Legislative Alerts and similar notices of related government relations activities.

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18 November 2021 Letter to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), responding to request for comments on NIST Internal Report 8351-DRAFT DNA Mixture Interpretation: A NIST Scientific Foundation Review.
4 November 2021 Letter to House Science Chair and member encouraging committee support for the Keep STEM Talent Act of 2021 (S1744), legislation referred by the Senate that would exempt foreign STEM graduates from U.S. institutions of higher education from U.S. country quotas on green cards.
8 September 2021 Coalition Letter to the Chairs of the House Judiciary Committee and Immigration Subcommittee urging inclusion of provisions to provide additional EB visas for international students taking STEM degrees in the United States in forthcoming budget legislation.
25 August 2021 Coalition letter to the President's Science Advisor asking the Administration to Provide Visa Assistance to Afghan Scientists and Engineers Seeking to Leave Afghanistan.
24 August 2021 Letter to the House Small Business Committee endorsing H.R. 4956, a bill to support participation by U.S. small businesses in global technical standard setting.
27 July 2021 IEEE-USA response to OSTP Request for Public Input on the Federal Role in Ensuring Scientific Integrity.
20 July 2021 Letter to U.S. Trade Representative urging U.S. to oppose proposed UN TRIPS intellectual property waiver in order to preserve incentives for private sector development of COVID-19 technology and vaccines.
29 June 2021 Letter to House Education and Labor Committee leaders endorsing passage of the PARTNERS Act (H.R. 636), legislation that would incentivize employers to support technical workforce development through industry partnerships, Internships, apprenticeships and at-work training programs.
28 June 2021 Coalition Letter (CNSF) to House and Senate Appropriations Defense Subcommittee Leadership making recommendations on FY2022 funding levels for Defense S&T programs.
11 June 2021 Coalition Statement (Energy Sciences Coalition) endorsing the DOE Science of the Future Act (HR 3593)
18 May 2021 Statement by Thomas Kowalick, Chair, IEEE Standards Working Group 1616 to the House Energy and Commerce Committee for its 18 May hearing on "Promises and Perils: The Potential of Automobile Technologies"
7 May 2021 Letter to House Leadership endorsing the Endless Frontiers Act (HR 2731).
28 April 2021 Letter to Leadership of Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee supporting confirmation of Dr. Eric Lander as Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy.
26 April 2021 Letter to Senate Commerce Committee leadership Letter to Senate Commerce Committee leadership expressing support for the Endless Frontiers Act (S.1260)
21 April 2021 Coalition Statement (Task Force on American Innovation) expressing support for introduction of the Endless Frontiers Act (S1260)
5 February 2021 Coalition letter (Coalition for Aerospace and Science) providing recommendations to the Biden Administration on U.S. space program priorities for the new administration.
25 January 2021 Coalition Letter (Task Force on American Innovation) urging President Biden to prioritize fundamental research and the physical sciences in his 2022 budget proposal.

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