Issue Brief

Efforts to achieve a comprehensive overhaul of U.S. immigration laws remain stalled in Congress.  Many Members of Congress are proposing targeted approaches aimed at reforming employment-based (EB) immigration for skilled workers, including technical professionals. Many of the changes they have proposed will directly affect the lives and careers of IEEE members. IEEE-USA is working to ensure proposed skilled immigration reforms protect the interests of both native-born and immigrant engineers in the U.S., while promoting the long-term health of the U.S. engineering profession and U.S. technological competitiveness. Guided by our “green cards, not guest workers” philosophy, IEEE-USA is focused on achieving reforms to the EB green card system and reducing abusive practices within the H-1B temporary visa program. Our goal is to strengthen worker protections in the program to reduce outsourcing and unfair exploitation of technology workers. We are also working to make it easier for international STEM students in the United States to get green cards after graduation. This would allow them to bypass the H-1B program entirely, enabling them to change employers and start new businesses, while leveling the playing field for all U.S. engineers to compete for jobs and wages based on their knowledge, skills and experience.

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