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Thank you for stopping by IEEE-USA’s booth! We’ve got some great virtual takeaways for you. Download any or all of the titles below for education, inspiration — or just plain, old fun!

IEEE-USA Comic Books

IEEE-USA teamed up with award-winning artist Jeff Knurek to create an original comic book series featuring a duo of electrical engineering superheroes. These two comics offer readers of all ages both a touch of fantasy and plenty of inspiration about engineering.

The Slate Twins

The Slate Twins: Caught in the Currents (No. 1)

The Tesla Twins: Rescue at the Speed of Light

The Tesla Twins: Rescue at the Speed of Light (No. 2)

Coloring Books & Crossword Puzzles

Download any of these engineering-themed coloring books for kids or adults, or engineering-inspired crossword puzzles for students or adults. Print them out and enjoy!

Engineering Coloring
Book for Kids

Engineering Coloring
Book for Adults

Engineering Crossword
Puzzles for Students

Engineering Crossword
Puzzles for Adults

The Manga Project

Download any of the three titles from the IEEE Japan Council Student Activities Committee’s inaugural Manga plot contest for IEEE student members.

SANSHIN CHO-DE! (Sanshin Brothers)

(Sanshin Brothers)

ORIKOU! RIKO-CHAN (Clever Riko-chan)

(Clever Riko-chan)

Kogaku Joshi (Girls in Engineering)

Kogaku Joshi
(Girls in Engineering)