IEEE-USA’s Communications Committee is the focal point for communications with U.S. IEEE members on career and professional matters. With the approval of the IEEE-USA Board of Directors, the committee leads the development and implementation of IEEE-USA’s communication efforts as well as those of its various program areas, committees and task forces in carrying out IEEE-USA’s mission. The Communications Committee reports to the IEEE-USA Board of Directors through the Vice President of Communications.

Objective and Scope

The Communication Committee’s overall objective is to maintain a member communications program that will, by achieving the following goals, help to increase U.S. membership in the IEEE and position IEEE-USA as a leader in building careers and shaping public policy:

  • Promote IEEE-USA: the organization and its activities, products and services
  • Encourage participation by the members in IEEE-USA activities and grassroots campaigns
  • Educate the members on public policy issues of importance to their careers, workforce issues and trends, and skills to increase their career longevity and employability
  • Provide tools and capabilities for information exchange

To achieve its objectives, the Committee designs, produces and disseminates printed publications, electronic communications, audio-visual presentations and other communications tools appropriate to the IEEE-USA mission.

The Communications Committee monitors the effectiveness of the IEEE-USA member communications program and recommends revisions for the Board of Directors’ approval. The Committee also provides assistance to other IEEE-USA units as warranted to support member and external communications efforts. It works cooperatively with other IEEE organizational units, as well as with other relevant organizations or commercial producers outside of IEEE-USA.


Specific Committee functions include but are not limited to:

  • Seeking periodically from the IEEE-USA Board of Directors input and approval on the key IEEE-USA messages to communicate and the audiences to receive those messages in support of the IEEE-USA mission
  • Developing and implementing a comprehensive member communications program that will meet the Committee’s overall objectives and support the messages developed and approved by the IEEE-USA BOD. Member constituencies include: general U.S. IEEE members, IEEE-USA volunteers and IEEE volunteers outside the IEEE-USA structure
  • Specifying, producing, and distributing periodicals and other communications tools that will meet the program objectives, including:
  • IEEE-USA InSight– an online publication addressing career enhancement and public policy, and promoting IEEE-USA products, programs, services, and activities
  • IEEE-USA InSight Email Update – Monthly email notification to all U.S. members, pointing to new online content, as well as to important news from IEEE-USA.
  • Material for publication or dissemination by Section, Region, and Society units
  • E-Books, Brochures, pamphlets, displays, etc.
  • Providing tools to support information exchange among IEEE-USA leaders, volunteer units and the general membership
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of the member communications program through appropriate feedback mechanisms and revising activities as necessary to better meet goals
  • Monitoring and recommending revisions to IEEE-USA communication policies and procedures
  • Collaborating with IEEE units and other organizations for the purpose of enhancing the communication processes
  • Serving as a catalyst, advisor and monitor for all communication activities that have a direct relationship to the IEEE-USA mission
  • Reviewing proposals of other IEEE boards and other IEEE-USA program areas concerning information dissemination. Reviews will consider cost effectiveness, degree of overlap with other sources, and maintenance of standards and quality as established throughout the IEEE

VP, Communications & Public Awareness

Ramesh Nair

Staff Contact

John Yaglenski
Director, IEEE-USA Communications & Public Awareness
+1 202 530 8359