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The IEEE-USA Nominations & Appointments (N&A) Committee is a standing committee of the IEEE-USA Board of Directors (BoD) and reports directly to the Board through the IEEE-USA President or the President’s designee.

The N&A Committee administers the nominations and appointments process for the IEEE-USA Assembly and Board of Directors, by recommending qualified candidates for each post for which nominations are required.

Call for Nominations: IEEE-USA Board of Directors

The IEEE-USA Nominations and Appointments (N&A) Committee asks for your help identifying U.S. IEEE members who may be interested in, and well-qualified for, service in the following IEEE-USA Board positions:

  • 2024 IEEE-USA President-Elect – Position Description (PDF)
  • 2023 IEEE-USA Secretary/Treasurer – Position Description (PDF)
  • 2023 IEEE-USA Vice President – Career & Member Services – Position Description (PDF)
  • 2023 IEEE-USA Vice President – Communications & Public Awareness – Position Description (PDF)
  • 2023 IEEE-USA Vice President – Government Relations – Position Description (PDF)
  • 2023 IEEE-USA Young Professional Representative
  • 2023-2024 Nominations & Appointments Committee

The IEEE-USA President-Elect candidates selected as IEEE-USA’s candidate slate will run for office in 2023, with the winner of the membership election serving as President-Elect in 2024 and IEEE-USA President in 2025.

We are looking for leaders who can provide IEEE-USA with vision and direction, oversee our volunteer committees, monitor our financial performance, and develop new activities and services. All nominees must be IEEE Members and live in the United States.

All positions except for IEEE-USA Young Professional Representative and the N&A Committee require IEEE senior member status.

New Board officers, N&A Committee members, and IEEE-USA Presidential-Elect candidates will be appointed or selected by the IEEE-USA Assembly and Board of Directors at their respective meetings in November 2022.

N&A Committee nominees must be a past member of the IEEE-USA Board of Directors.



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