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Why Partner with IEEE-USA?

IEEE-USA connects with all 150,000 IEEE members in the US, and our skilled professionals know how to reach them to highlight your conference. Utilize IEEE-USA’s extensive reach and experience with the U.S. government and national leaders to identify and invite distinguished and unique speakers for your event. It’s time to take your conference to the next level — partner with IEEE-USA today!

Our institute-leading experts will create promotional content across our channels:

  • Targeted e-notices – up to 460,000 (global) inboxes
  • Innovative Social Media promotion
  • Exciting web ads and graphics
  • Professional press release
  • Effective IEEE outreach
  • Email Newsletters – 150,000+ (US) inboxes

Standard Package

  • Inclusion in IEEE-USA Events & Calendar
  • Assistance with Speaker Acquisition
  • Promotion in IEEE-USA newsletters: Conference Brief, Insight, Leadership Connection, Smartbrief
  • 2-3 month Social Media Promotion – 2/month posts across relevant IEEE-USA platforms
IEEE-USA receives up to 25% FCS
+ Post-Conference I.P.

Premium Package

Standard Package benefits, PLUS:

  • Assistance with Targeted E-Notices
  • Press Release (nat’l distribution)
  • Design & Web Consultation
  • External Newsletter Submissions
  • Assistance with Sponsorship Acquisition
  • 5-6 month Social Media Promotion

IEEE-USA receives 50%+ FCS
+ Post-Conference I.P.

Custom Package

Choose from our a la carte offerings of conference enhancement services (see separate document) and we will work with you on a custom quote.

IEEE-USA receives 50%+ FCS
+ Post-Conference I.P.

IEEE-USA Conference Committee Chair: Chad Kidder | IEEE-USA Staff: Leah Laird

Please send inquiries to: conferences@ieeeusa.org