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Patent Searching


For those who have a basic to intermediate knowledge of patents and would like to learn more about patent searching.

Ultimate Upgrade Essentials: Self-Assessment


Philosophers from Socrates to Sun Tzu have stressed the importance of knowing yourself – your strengths, your limitations and your inner ambitions are key components in a fulfilled career. These self-assessments are invaluable resources that can accentuate your strengths and mitigate your weaknesses. In this discussion, we will use a combination of commonly available tools to give you insight to plan the future upgrades of your career.

Ultimate Upgrade Essentials: Finding Your Path


A career is driven with the pedal to the metal, but sometimes you realize the road you are traveling on is not what your vehicle is designed for. This webinar is about the powerslides, the canyon carving, and the thrill of taking an unexpected turn for the better. Come and learn from experiences at the ragged edge of performance in this unique presentation of cars and careers.

Become a Licensed Engineer – Advantages and First Steps


Have you considered being licensed as a professional engineer? What are the advantages? What is involved? Why should electrical or computer engineers be licensed, and what about software engineers? Come hear the answers to these and other questions about the Fundamentals Engineer (FE) and Professional Engineer (PE) exams.

Elevate Your Impact


In this lively discussion, we will discuss what is different, why it matters, and how you can successfully navigate constant change to boost your influence.

Ultimate Upgrade Essentials: Building a Culture of Mentorship


Developing Mentors and Mentees is a natural part of an organization’s lifecycle. Yet when it becomes a “program,” it can become a stilted, forced process with little long term benefit to the participants. On the other hand, organic mentorship is a way to robustly develop lifelong mentors and focuses in building a community rather than programs. This webinar will detail how this culture can be built one person at a time, and the upgrade of value that it ultimately brings.

Leadership Wellbeing


This webinar will take a dive into why wellbeing gets easily sidelined and what straightforward self-care strategies work best for busy professionals.

Step Into Your Zone & Thrive!


Create a professional path that aligns with your values, gifts, strengths, and expertise to thrive!

Ultimate Upgrade Essentials: Leadership at the Edge of Performance


Leaders are the ones that have the right combination of drive, focus, and market savvy to create something unique that has value today and in the future. Great leaders also have a strong vision for the future and are undeterred when plans take them sideways. The methods of this type of success often take decades to implement and realize.  In this webinar, you will find the key ingredients of a great company, and how a founder builds the team that together makes a difference.


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