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Russell T. Harrison


On 1 January 2020, California implemented a new criteria for classifying an individual as a consultant. The new test, called the “ABC Test” has proven to be a challenge to some technology consultants in that state.  An informal survey of Californian IEEE consultants  has shown that 25% of consultants have lost work because of the new rule. Additionally, a number of IEEE members have reported leaving California to avoid the law. Others have given up their consulting businesses.

Now the U.S. Department of Labor may be trying to make the ABC Test apply to the entire country.

Join IEEE-USA’s Director of Government Relations for a discussion about what the ABC Test is, why it is a challenge for technology consultants, and the prospects for it becoming a national rule.  We will also discuss ways IEEE member consultants can help protect themselves from the test.

About the Presenter

Harrison Russell Headshot

Russell T. Harrison is IEEE-USA’s Acting Managing Director and Director of Government Relations. He previously served as senior legislative representative for grassroots activities. In addition to providing overall strategic direction and day-to-day operational management of IEEE-USA’s government relations program and staff, he also focuses on programs and activities design to help U.S. IEEE members interact with – and influence – elected officials. He is also responsible for a number of IEEE-USA government relations initiatives, particularly small and independent business policy and high-skill immigration reform.

Prior to IEEE-USA, Russell directed grassroots programs at the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries and the American Iron and Steel Institute. In these positions, he also raised over $300,000 in campaign contributions through the associations’ political action committees. He has also represented the recycling and steel industries on Capitol Hill and in state capitols on a variety of issues as a professional lobbyist. Russell has a B.A. in Political Science, with minors in History and Communication, from Allegheny College, and a Masters in Public Policy from the University of Maryland.

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