Terence Yeoh


The modern world we live in asks us to either specialize or generalize — to live in niche markets where there is little competition, but also little opportunities for rapid growth, or in a highly competitive sectors where dwindling resources, positions and options creates an “up or out,” battle royale-like career. With the digitization of our world economies, these polarized “choices” are moving us farther and farther away from our roots as human beings — with all of the recursive wisdom that has made us collectively thrive as a species. I believe that our uniquely gifted ingenuity can be harnessed to bring about a third option — a one real choice where we as individuals engineer exceptions from the norms, and in doing so create a world that thrives off the curve, not just survive in it.

About The Presenter

Dr. Terence Yeoh is an integrated product team lead at Raytheon, coordinating the systems engineering needs for NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory space programs.

Prior to this, he held various roles at The Aerospace Corporation – a senior scientist  resolving anomalies for national security space programs, the corporate R&D portfolio manager overseeing 200 innovation projects, and the assistant principal director of a national security space program.

Though he is comfortable in leading enterprise-wide organizations, he has passion for developing volunteer-driven cooperatives within organizations. He co-founded the Aerospace TECTalk Intern Program in 2014, which develops nearly 300 Aerospace interns every summer, and has been named one of WayUp’s top 100 intern programs in 2018 and 2019.

Dr. Yeoh was also the team lead of SeedTECH AI, which competed in the IBM Watson AI XPRIZE and resulted in three patent pending works in Artificial Intelligence. Dr. Yeoh currently holds seven patents in areas that include infrared microscopy, 3D surface reconstruction, and compressive sensing.

In his free time he works on a YouTube leadership mentoring series called “YO on the GO” aimed at developing the next generation to become leaders in their respective communities.

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