Webinar: Good Girls Ask - Negotiations For Women

Presenter: Elizabeth Lions
Date Recorded: 16 August 2018

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This powerful presentation has been given globally, as well as locally. No woman is ever the same after hearing Elizabeth's talk on money and negotiations. The days of having butterflies in your stomach while discussing your promotion, a raise or an increase to your fees are over. Money is not emotional, it's the ideas you attach around money that stick. Elizabeth will demonstrate how to make friends with your finances -- for good!

Participants will learn:

  • The best time to ask for a raise
  • Why women get anxious around asking for money or the promotion
  • How skills = money and how to ask for what is fair
  • How to ask for money without having your stomach in knots

About the Presenter

Elizabeth Lions is the Author of three books, ‘Recession Proof Yourself’ and “I Quit! Working for You Isn’t Working For Me.” Her third book will be released on leadership and is entitled, “Hear Us Roar – Unapologetic Women Leading in Corporate America.” She has designed and developed leadership, career courses, webinars and even a radio show entitled, “Leadership Lessons from the Lioness,” featured on Plaid for Women. Over the course of her career, Elizabeth estimate she has read more than 100,000 resumes and hired thousands of professionals in some of America’s top organization, including Intel, Fiserv, Wells Fargo, Microsoft, Precision Castparts and AT&T, to name a few. An expert adviser on career conundrums, Elizabeth has been quoted in Yahoo, The Ladders, and Dice job boards. Her words have reached as far as the front page of the Philadelphia Tribune, PBS, CBS Money Watch, Dale Carnegie and John Tesh’s blog. In 2014, she took her leadership courses to Dubai and the Middle East. Bottom line: Elizabeth knows why someone is hired, fired or promoted – often before they do.

Today, Elizabeth can be found writing, coaching and collaborating with the who’s who of the Corporate America. When she isn’t working, Elizabeth can be found traveling across state lines with her husband on their Harley Davidson motorcycle or in the yoga studio twisting for hours on end.


Recorded Webinar