Webinar: 11 Ways Consultants “Overpay” on their Taxes and How to Stop It Now!

Presenter: John E. Walters, MBA, EA
Date: 18 January 2018
Time: 2:00-3:00 PM ET


Tax strategy topics to be covered:

1) Tax Preparation, Tax Projections, or Tax Planning: Who’s really in charge of Your Checkbook?

2) Choosing the Wrong Business Structure Can Crumble Your Dreams and Cost You Money

3) Why Selecting the Right Tax Professional for Your Business is like Dating!

4) Tax Strategies for New Entrepreneurs\Consultants

5) Discover the Buried Treasure Hidden in Your Business

6) Eat Hearty! How to Maximize Your Meals and Entertainment Deductions

7) Planes, Trains, and Automobiles: Maximize Your Transportation Deductions

8) Understanding the Costs of Healthcare

9) Real Estate Investments to Boost Your Bottom Line

10) Hire Your Kids and Lower Your Taxes!

11) The Biggest Mistake of All: Failing to Plan!

About the Presenter

John E. Walters, MBA, EA, is a specialist in Pro-Active Tax and Financial Strategies that custom fit your needs. He is the Managing Member at LeWalt Consulting Groupe, LLC, serving the Tampa Bay area. John is also an Electrical Engineer, which qualifies him to speak to our profession in matters that affect us with respect to taxes.


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Webinar: 11 Ways Consultants “Overpay” on their Taxes and How to Stop It Now!