Webinar: Next-Level Marketing

Presenter: Jacquelyn Adams
Date: 21 November 2019 (to be rescheduled for a date TBD)
Time: TBD


Take your networking skills to the next level by applying these leadership hacks. Learn about the importance of having an engaging bio and how to craft your own professional networking introductions. Through this process, you can build up a community of mentors and advisers to help you rise to the next stage of your career trajectory.

About the Presenter

Jacquelyn Adams earned her Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering from Case Western Reserve University. She is the founder of Ristole, an engineering consulting company which transforms corporations through employee development and organizational change management. As an IEEE senior member, Jacquelyn serves as the Vice-Chair of IEEE's Continuing Education program. For her professional achievements, she has received local and national recognition including "Top 40 Under 40," "Outstanding Young Alumni,"  and "Outstanding Women in Business." Jacquelyn writes a column for IEEE-USA InSight called Lessons on Leadership in which she shares leadership hacks based on her experiences as a Peace Corps Volunteer, corporate engineering trainer, and entrepreneur.