Webinar: Don’t Speak Like An Engineer — Think Like One!

Presenter: Mark Kretschmar
Date: 22 February 2018
Time: 2:00-3:00 PM ET



It’s not your technical skills that limit your career and success; it’s your communication skills.

Give your engineers and other technical staff an engineering lens from which to view presentations. This inspiring overview of the EngineerSpeak model empowers them with familiar tools such as:

  • Input and output states
  • Emotional calculus
  • Material science of the human brain
  • Cognitive duty cycle
  • Creating and working from a presentation spec sheet

Approaching presentations from this viewpoint and with some specific how-tos, you can expect shorter presentations that are more on point and people remember – less rehashing and regurgitating of content in the hallways and office doorways later.Smoother projects, better impressions on customers and corporate VIPs.

About the Presenter

Unlike any other speaker or mentor, Mark uses engineering tools and viewpoints to understand and dissect communication problems and he can show his fellow engineers how to do the same. When communication is viewed as a problem to be solved, suddenly it falls into the engineer’s area of expertise. Engineers are amazing problem solvers – therefore they can be amazing communicators and speakers.

This fusion of engineering and research-based communication principals has engineers from the world’s biggest brands talking about “drastic change,” “helpful algorithms,” “time well spent,” and Mark’s “deep domain knowledge.” As a skeptical engineer and adjunct professor of communication studies, he bases his content on academic research rather than current fads or unfounded opinions.

Mark works with successful engineers, engineering leaders, and other technical types who understand the value of continuous improvement in their professional skills – those who realize their ability to perform and advance includes more than their engineering skills. He has done workshops for IEEE, ASME, SAME, ASCE and other engineering societies and has worked with people from numerous big-name corporations like Medtronic, Bosch, 3M, St. Jude Medical, Par Systems, Infor, MTS and more.

Participants in Mark’s programs benefit from his sought-after leadership and speaking skills. In his local area he has served on the board of the Association for Talent Development (ATD) and as president of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) where he was awarded for his improvements to the organization’s ability to engage members and produce revenue. IABC has also certified him as an Accredited Business Communicator and awarded him with Bronze, Silver, and Gold Quill awards for his work in corporate communication. He is also a winner of multiple awards from Toastmasters not only as a speaker, but for his ability to evaluate and improve others’ speaking skills.