Webinar: Managing Risk for the Engineering Consultant

Presenter: Steve Wetterling, MSEE
Date: 7 March 2018
Time: 12:00-1:00 PM ET


Every business involves risks that should be identified and mitigated where possible. Mr. Steve Wetterling, an experienced engineer and project manager, will discuss Professional Risk, Business Risk, Client Risk, Legal Risk, Tax Risk, Core Risk, and Using Insurance to manage Risk.

About the Presenter

Steve Wetterling owns and operates Servenger LLC, which provides customer solutions for product design, electronic design, project management for new production development, product introduction into manufacturing, solving problems with existing products and production and assisting with the resolution of organizational issues.

Prior to founding Servenger, LLC, Mr. Wetterling was with Tektronix as an engineer, manager and director, then with NEC America, NatSteel Electronics, and two start-ups. He has written three books on electronic design, holds two patents and three university degrees in engineering and business (from Stanford University and the University of Portland). He has recently added a Project Management credential to his toolset.


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Webinar: Managing Risk for the Engineering Consultant