Early-bird registration for the IEEE SusTech 2021 virtual conference is ending soon!

Until March 30th, prices are as follows:

IEEE Member* Non-Member IEEE Student* Student Non-Member IEEE Life Member*
US$50 US$75 US$25 US$50 US$25

After March 30th, prices go up $25.

About IEEE SusTech:
Environmental Sustainability is a major issue facing humanity. To meet present needs without compromising our future, advances in sustainable technology, policy and social behavior are essential. IEEE’s Technologies for Sustainability Conference (SusTech) brings together individuals and organizations who want to promote and apply advances in sustainable technology that allows:

  • Eliminating or reducing pollution, global warming, electronic waste and negative impacts to quality of life and overall health;
  • Minimizing the impact of energy production, transportation and electronics’ manufacturing and recycling on the environment;
  • Increasing operating efficiency and reducing the waste stream; and
  • Using fewer resources to produce the same or better outcomes for the benefit of society.

SusTech 2021 features three days of interesting talks, panels, and featured speakers. Keynotes include:

  • Mohamed-Slim Alouini: “6G: Towards a More Connected and Sustainable World”
  • Jack Brouwer: “100% Renewable And Zero Emissions Energy With Hydrogen”
  • Nirupama Prakash Kumar: “New paradigm in renewable microgrids”

For a full list of speakers and panels, please visit the IEEE SusTech website.