WASHINGTON (5 November 2019) – IEEE-USA’s AI: A Global Survey, an overview of the current national AI strategies of 26 different countries, is now available. This new report, prepared by Raine Sagramsingh, will assist US policymakers and others in the space comprehend the global context of artificial intelligence by providing insight into how other countries approach AI and regulation of related technologies. It includes extant laws that address privacy, security and most importantly, ethics in general as these concerns relate to AI.

“AI can potentially affect all aspects of society in both positive and negative ways,” said Mina Hanna, Chair of the IEEE-USA Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems Policy Committee. “Future laws and regulations on the implementation of AI will have a significant impact on the technology’s benefits or harms to our country, and public policies will play a role in encouraging innovation while mitigating possible negative effects.”

U.S. policymakers face the difficult challenge of reacting to the rapid development and deployment of these new technologies. AI is already deployed in many industries – from banking to agriculture to transportation – and the United States, like many governments, has yet to develop the legal or regulatory tools to control AI’s impact. Even more powerful technology is on the way, and it is critical to establish rules now that determine how, when, and if specific technologies can be used.

The United States cannot address AI without considering the global connectedness of companies and economies, both because foreign laws will affect Americans and because we can learn from the successes and failures of foreign governments. The situation demands that our approach to AI be coordinated with those of other nations.

“The United States should examine how other countries work to encourage, promote, integrate, and control emerging AI technologies,” said Sagramsingh. “Addressing the unique public policy challenges of AI will require innovative solutions, and working with other governments will help us get there.

This is a living document and will be updated over time to reflect new policy developments. Add to Cart it today at https://ieeeusa.org/product/ai-a-global-survey/.



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Corey Ruth
Media Relations Associate, IEEE-USA Communications

Russell Harrison
Director, IEEE-USA Government Relations