WASHINGTON (14 February 2022) – IEEE-USA, the largest representative of technology professionals in the United States, applauds the reintroduction of the Keep STEM Talent Act in the United States Senate.  This important bill would give international students who earn graduate degree in a Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics field in the United States a direct path to a green card, and therefore American citizenship, after graduating.  IEEE-USA supports this common-sense immigration reform and urges Congress to pass it quickly.

“International STEM students bring innovative ideas and an entrepreneurial spirit with them,” explained IEEE-USA President Deborah Cooper. “Allowing them to stay here with a path to citizenship after graduation lets them start new companies, which creates more American jobs and keeps the United States at the forefront of innovation. American engineers understand this, which is why we support this important legislation.”

When announcing the bill’s introduction, Sen. Richard Durbin, the bill’s primary sponsor, noted that similar language was included in the House’s COMPETES Act earlier this month, giving the Keep STEM Jobs Act a clear path to passage.

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Russ Harrison
Director of Government Relations, IEEE-USA