WASHINGTON (12 December 2018) – “Public speaking is a leadership skill,” says veteran engineer, author and educator Harry T. Roman. In his new E-Book, Roman shares some advice on developing and using the soft skill of public speaking to ensure greater success in your career. Public Speaking for Engineers–Say It Loud and Proud is available now on the IEEE-USA online shop.

Roman believes public speaking skills are more important to an engineer than technical expertise, mathematical prowess, or analytical knowledge. “I’ve seen more engineers have their careers cut short because they couldn’t make a strong presentation than fail due to technical incompetency,” he said.

This e-book is filled with tips on how to make speeches and presentations both interesting and memorable, gleaned from the author’s lifetime of experience, along with key examples where his ability to speak before an audience paid off for him during his long career. These range from delivering progress reports on large and complex research projects, to representing his company on national professional committees and working groups.

“Great ideas don’t make great leaders. It is speaking skills which inspire others to follow,” Roman says. “Even the best ideas may be ignored if you can’t convey them convincingly. That’s why speaking skills are so important.”

Public Speaking for Engineers–Say It Loud and Proud is available on the IEEE-USA shop for $4.99, or $2.99 for IEEE members.

JFK once said:  “One person can make a difference–and everyone should try.” IEEE members Jonathan Chew and Leo Szeto took that to heart. As Disney Imagineers, and the authors of IEEE-USA E-BOOKS’ two-part series, Secrets to Being a World-Changer, they share their passion for innovation, and reveal inner circle secrets to others who want to dream big. Chew and Szeto’s e-books offer those working in any discipline valuable insights on how to lead change.

In Secrets to Being a World-Changer-Part 1: The Being of Leadership, the authors outline the importance of mindset. Drawing inspiration from the Japanese concept of Ikigai, which means “a reason to get up in the morning,” the authors created their Circles of VICtory–three overlapping circles that describe the basic ingredients all great leaders share. Vision: something to be passionate about; Imagination: the ability to see the world from different perspectives; and Creativity: methodologies to generate novel solutions to problems. Chew and Szeto say that your purpose in life is at the heart of these three concepts.

From 1 December 2018 through 15 January 2019, IEEE members can download this e-book for free at the IEEE-USA online shop.

IEEE-USA now also has seven audio books on various career topics available to everyone absolutely free. Companion e-books are available for each, with special, discounted prices for members.

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