What Will Our World Look Like in 10 Years? is a new series from author, director and futurist Maxim Jago

WASHINGTON (20 May 2020) – Futurist Maxim Jago predicts a decade of unprecedented change in the first volume of his new e-book series – What Will Our World Look Like in 10 Years? – now available from IEEE-USA.

“We live in an era of unprecedented change,” said Jago. “Scientific progress is accelerating; and we are at an important tipping point — one where it is no longer possible for any single person to have a grasp of all the latest developments in any major industry. Our world will become increasingly digitized, virtualized and automated. Yet technology has its limits, for now, and humans – the most extraordinarily adaptable species – will continue to evolve. Authentic human emotional connections will become even more important.”

“We will get through this current situation, but what will the world look like beyond it?” said Georgia Stelluto, Publications Manager at IEEE-USA. “Maxim Jago’s new e-book dives into that question, touching on a whole plethora of topics including AI and robotics, quantum computing, agriculture, the environment, education, medical developments, democracy, and so much more.”

What Will Our World Look Like in 10 Years? Book 1 is available now as an e-book from the IEEE-USA Online Shop, free for IEEE members or $9.99 for non-members.

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Corey Ruth
Media Relations Associate, IEEE-USA

Georgia Stelluto
Publications Manager, IEEE-USA